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CLM - Inside the Laminator

The CLM laminator has one standard laminator, in the L1 position, with an optional second laminator in the L2 position. The laminators apply topcoat or patch overlay material to the card. Topcoat is a continuous film and patch is a die-cut polyester shape. Both laminators can apply either overlay type.

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Manual Advance KnobsThe manual advance knobs move the card through the laminator to remove it from the system. Use the knobs to
clear a card jam. Refer to “Clear a Laminator Card Jam”.
L1 Laminator (green cartridge)The L1 laminator cartridge holds the overlay material and applies it to the card.
L2 Laminator (orange cartridge)The L2 laminator cartridge holds overlay material and applies it to the card. The L2 laminator is optional.
Reject Tray Release ButtonThe release button opens the reject tray to remove incomplete cards. Available only on systems with locks.
Reject Tray Release ButtonThe access door provides access to the L1 and L2 laminators to load supplies or to clear a card jam.
L2 Transport Access DoorThe L2 transport access door replaces the L2 laminator cartridge if the optional second laminator is not installed. Open the door to access the laminator card transport.
User-added imageIf your system includes the optional second laminator (L2), make sure that the laminator cartridge is always installed even if the cartridge is not loaded with overlay material. If the cartridge is not in place, cards are not supported as they travel through the system and can fall into the bottom of the laminator.
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