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Governments worldwide count on Entrust

Our comprehensive portfolio enables enrollment, issuance and lifecycle management for national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and other physical and mobile credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery, and alteration.

Secure government cards

Our Security at Time of Personalization™ (STOP) process adds elements during personalization that reduce counterfeiting vulnerabilities.

Efficient driver’s licensing

Every year, 40+ million driver’s licenses are issued using our technology. Why? Improved security and functionality, automated manual processes, and reduced costs, to name a few reasons.

Complete national ID programs

National ID card programs pose a number of challenges, including security, efficiency, and cost. We can help address these challenges with solutions for enrollment, issuance, authentication, and lifecycle management.

Leveraging mobile and cloud technologies

Explore emerging technologies and develop a roadmap for mobile-based credentials that leads to a complete and comprehensive program. Our solutions’ expertise ranges from enrollment and provisioning to authentication and lifecycle management.

Expand your card issuance

Support alternatives to government-issued paper documents and cards. Protect citizens from fraud and forgery with smart credentials for transit, vehicle registration, permit cards, and more.


  • Card Issuance
  • Delivery and Insertion
  • Software
  • HSM

Central Government ID Card Issuance Resources

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The Artista® VHD Module Gen 2 with the detection monitor has helped us standardize our process and has allowed our operators to be more proactive in catching potential issues.
Dennis Moore, Operations Support Manager

Looking for instant ID card issuance?

Secure your citizens, students, or employees with the industry’s broadest range of desktop card printers, from high-speed systems that apply customized security laminates and personalize smart cards, to low-cost, low-volume models.


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