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Bring your own key to Microsoft Azure

March 14, 2021
Are you ready to take advantage of the flexibility, convenience and savings of cloud-based technology while maintaining exclusive control over your sensitive data? Learn how our innovative Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) solution and Microsoft puts you in control of your cloud data.
Case Study

Fast, simple and secure e-invoicing: Digital Planet relies on Entrust to protect its e-invoicing service

March 11, 2021
Digital Planet Technology, headquartered in Turkey, is a pioneer in e-invoicing integration systems, digital transformation and customer communication management services to large enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses. Working through a specialized partner network, it delivers these services to top tier financial services, insurance and telecommunications companies. It also has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East, from where it conducts its international operations.
White Paper

Establishing trust and integrity with code signing

March 10, 2021
Critical considerations and best practices for defending against altered or corrupted code
Case Study

Entrust and certSIGN Help Secure First Bank’s Video Banking Service

March 10, 2021
First VideoBank is an innovative service from First Bank, providing its customers with a direct audio-video connection with a banking consultant, using any device (mobile phone/tablet/laptop) that has a front camera and a stable internet connection.

Switching From Paper to Electronic Documents

March 05, 2021
Download your guide to universally accessible and trusted PDF documents. This ebook aims to provide high-level technical references and recommendations on the digitization process of documents that have been traditionally delivered in paper format.

The eIDAS Regulation For Dummies

March 03, 2021
In this handy little book, we explain eIDAS and its consequences in simple, easy-to-understand terms, so even those with no prior knowledge can make sense of it all.

New Strategies for Multi-Cloud Data Protection

March 03, 2021
Learn why multi-cloud strategies drive the need for better data protection, management of encryption keys, and policy controls with recent research from the recent Forrester research report, "Best Practices: Cloud Data Encryption".
Solution Brief

Entrust Tokenization Solution Brief

February 26, 2021
Entrust tokenization protects sensitive data with format-preserving encryption and data masking.
Solution Brief

Robotic Process Automation for Government Agencies

February 23, 2021
Enable software robots to perform tedious tasks without creating security vulnerabilities
Application Brief

Enhancing the Security of Credentials and Secrets with Entrust nShield HSMs

February 22, 2021
High assurance protection of privileged account credentials and corporate secrets
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