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2021 Entrust Global Encryption Trends Press Release (Spanish)

April 14, 2021
Las empresas priorizan la proteccion de los datos de sus clientes, pero continúan dejándolos expuestos - afirma el Estudio Global de Tendecias de Cifrado de Entrust.

2021 Entrust Global Encryption Trends Press Release (Portuguese)

April 14, 2021
Empresas priorizam a proteção de dados do cliente, mas continuam deixando-os expostos, revela o estudo global de tendências de criptografia de 2021 da Entrust.

5 Reasons to Invest in Your PKI Today

April 07, 2021
Learn why Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is essential for trusted communication and digital security, and why it's worth investing time and resources in your PKI to enable IoT, cloud migration, and more.

Entrust and Microsoft provide bring-your-own-key capability for high assurance key management - Key vault (Japanese)

April 06, 2021
As shared services, public cloud infrastructures do not always have a clear demarcation of tenant execution and storage space. The security of the services depends on the level of protection given to cryptographic keys. Microsoft and Entrust deliver enhanced security and trust in the cloud with unique BYOK solution that enables you to create and use your own keys to protect your data in the cloud.

Entrust CloudControl Data Sheet

April 05, 2021
Entrust CloudControl is a powerful solution that reduces risk through visibility and policy. As IT environments transition to hybrid cloud, security architectures must undergo a corresponding transformation. Deploying point solutions that each address a particular infrastructure type just leads to higher costs and inconsistent protection. CloudControl addresses the need for a comprehensive solution by providing a unified framework for security and compliance across the hybrid cloud – reducing both risk and operational overhead. Originally developed as the industry’s leading solution to protect applications and data in VMware virtualized datacenters, CloudControl also delivers security for public cloud and containerized environments.

Entrust nShield Web Services Option Pack Data Sheet (Japanese)

April 05, 2021
The Web Services Option Pack creates an easily accessible, streamlined interface between applications requiring cryptographic key and data protection services and highly secure nShield hardware security modules (HSMs). nShield HSMs perform a variety of cryptographic functions including encryption, decryption, signing and verifying, and now these core functions are available to applications through a simple web-service interface.

Making it Easy: Saifu Removes Complexity to Provide Safety and Convenience for Cryptocurrency Users (Japanese)

April 05, 2021
Cryptocurrencies are coming! Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or BitConnect, the dramatic increase in digital currencies is just the beginning of a new way of conducting business that will ultimately touch every aspect of our lives. However, the learning curve required to manage and trade the currencies can be steep, even for technically competent individuals. Licensed as a payment institution in the Czech Republic, Saifu was created specifically to make cryptocurrencies as accessible and easily managed as traditional currencies.

nShield® 범용 하드웨어 보안 모듈 (Korean)

April 02, 2021
Entrust의 nShield 하드웨어 보안 모듈(HSM)은 기업의 가장 민감한 데이터를보호하는 견고한 변조 방지 장치입니다. 이러한 FIPS 140-2 인증 모듈은 암호화 및 서명 키 생성, 관리, 저장 등의 암호화 기능을 수행하며, 보호되는 경계 내에서 민감한 기능 또한 실행합니다.

서비스로서의 nShield (Korean)

April 02, 2021
구독 고객은 물리적인 하드웨어를 수령, 설치 및 유지할 필요가 없이 다크 데이터 센터 내어플라이언스와 같은 방식으로 클라우드 기반 nShield HSM과 상호 작용합니다.

nShield Solo HSM (Korean)

April 02, 2021
nShield Solo 하드웨어 보안 모듈(HSMs)은 FIPS 인증을 보유한 로우 프로파일 PCI Express 카드로 서버 또는 어플라이언스에 호스팅된 애플리케이션에 암호키 서비스를 제공합니다.
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