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Data Sheet

Datacard Secura Credential Lifecycle Management Software Data Sheet

May 19, 2022
The Datacard® Secura™ software platform revolutionizes the issuance and management of highly secure passports, national IDs, PIV cards, and other secure government credentials.
White Paper

Understanding Production Efficiency in High-Volume Card Issuance Operations

April 25, 2022
This white paper provides an overview of measurement and analysis for manufacturing efficiency in high-volume card issuance operations.
Data Sheet

Adaptive Issuance™ EMV Personalization Validation Software

April 12, 2022
EMV technology adds complexity to high-volume issuance operations, creating pressure to control costs while meeting aggressive timelines for implementation. Gain peace of mind – while increasing your production efficiency – with EMV Personalization Validation Software.
Solution Brochure

Datacard® PB Series System - PB8500

March 02, 2022
The Datacard® PB8500™ Passport Issuance System is the industry’s most scalable and flexible passport personalization platform. This system provides a powerful suite of solutions to governments and integrators as they design and implement new passport issuance programs.
Solution Brochure

Secure Identity Technologies

February 21, 2022
Advanced identity solutions for government agencies and system integrators.
Solution Brochure

DATACARD® MX Series System: MX1100™, MXD110™, MXi112™

February 07, 2022
This entry-level DATACARD® MX Series solution offers a variety of pre-configured, fixed solutions for centralized card issuance and delivery.
Case Study

Production Analytics Solution Case Study

November 03, 2021
The capabilities and expert services included in our Production Analytics Solution provides ongoing insight necessary to solve analytical and operational challenges at the client site and improves their ongoing tracking processes. By maintaining a historical database, the Production Analytics Solution allows for trend analysis to enable and monitor progress over time as changes in their operation are implemented.
Data Sheet


October 19, 2021
The laser 450F module is designed to optimize financial card personalization.
Data Sheet

Adaptive Issuance™ MULTOS Data Prep and Perso software

April 28, 2021
Everything you need for MULTOS enablement, data preparation, and personalization issuance
Case Study

Central Issuance System Controller Software

March 24, 2021
Central Issuance System Controller software provides a recognizable user-friendly interface for all Datacard® card and passport issuance systems, making it easy to manage complex operations.
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