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Support for all PKI use cases

Entrust Security Manager allows organizations to easily manage the digital keys and certificates that secure user, device, and application identities. The Security Manager PKI includes industry-leading Certificate Authority (CA) and Administrative Services registration authority, forming a robust infrastructure that allows API, command line or Web Console based administration.


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Simplified Certificate Management

Enable security capabilities – including authentication, digital signature, digital verification, and encryption –across a wide variety of applications, mobile devices, LTE and IoT end points.

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Easy and Transparent

Automatic and transparent key and certificate management makes it possible for non-experts to maintain high-assurance environments.


Confidence Inspiring

The platform provides key history, backup, and recovery features, ensuring encrypted information will not get lost if users misplace their keys.

Secure Storage of Encryption Key History

Maintain an auditable database of users' private key histories for recovery purposes. Secure Access, Audit and Policy controls allow organizations to recover encrypted data with confidence.

Entrust Security Manager also supports flexible revocation technology with certificate revocation lists (CRLs) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). You can publish CRLs to verify whether a user or application's certificate is still trusted by the CA that issued it.


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Compliant and Accredited

Entrust Security Manager is certified under FIPS 140-3, Common Criteria, CAB/Forum, and other globally recognized standards.

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Perfected Automation

Supported protocols include: REST, PKIX-CMPv2, EST, SCEP, PKCS#7/PKCS#10, CSR, MDM Web Services, API, IoT Endpoint Agent, Entelligence Windows, and MacOS clients.

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Tight Integration

Generate certificates for devices as requested by Entrust Administration Services, Entrust Certificate Hub, Entrust Identity as a Service, and more. These solutions provide interfaces for enrolling and managing certificates issued to a variety of endpoints.

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End-User Convenience

Advanced security infrastructure that accommodates users who log in from different workstations, work offline or from mobile devices, or use various methods of authentication (e.g., smart cards, tokens or biometric devices).

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Optional Enhancements

Leverage Entrust Security Manager optional components. Optional security management capabilities – automated enrollment, self-registration, and self-recovery of digital identities and secure roaming.

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