Unlock the Value of IoT

The Internet of Things has the ability to transform business and create value, but only if the IoT ecosystem is secure. With IoT Agent from Entrust, you can leverage high-assurance IoT security to drive innovation.

Secure By Design

Our IoT Security Solutions software platform assigns unique digital identities to connected “things” using enterprise-grade cryptography to build an end-to-end chain of trust in IoT environments across industries.

Future-Proof Your Solution

We offer secure, remote, on-demand upgrades and updates that enable you to take advantage of new capabilities, comply with changing security requirements, and maximize your IoT investments.

IoT Agent Offerings


IoT Identity Issuance

Leverage the provisioning of identities to facilitate fast enrollment of devices in the supply chain ecosystem.


IoT Identity Management

Secure interactions between people, applications, and things in your connected ecosystems through authentication and authorization.

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