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The world’s most widely used ePassport solution

Interoperable, scalable and validated by third-party testing, our ePassport trust infrastructure is very comprehensive. Our solutions for first and second generation electronic Machine-Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs) have proliferated around the globe so the majority in circulation today are secured with our solution.



Increase Trust at the Border

Prove the authenticity and validity of eMRTDs to ensure secure borders.


Meet Emerging Travel Standards

Automate national and international certificate management and distribution.

Powerful Architecture

Improve infrastructure Reliability

Gain the support of a pioneer in physical and digital ID security.


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Trusted Document Issuance and Inspection

Use a fully integrated PKI and document-issuance architecture.

Trusted PKI Technology

Support the integrity and authenticity features within eMRTDs and Digital Travel Credentials (DTCs).

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Automated Border Control

Enable authentication and validation of ePassports for automated border control systems.

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Scaled eMRTD Validation

Access validation certificates for both National Public Key Directory (NPKD) and ICAO PKD credentials.

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