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High-volume document sealing service

High-volume document sealing service

The Entrust Signing Automation Service is a Cloud-based digital signing service that can be plugged in to your document applications and workflows in order to automatically generate Entrust-issued digital seals for your organisation's documents.

The service is designed for integrating into applications and platforms using our Signing Automation client.

What is a digital seal?

While a digital signature represents a natural person (an individual), a digital seal represents a legal person (an Organization). Digital seals ensure that a document is tamper-proof and carries your verified Organization's name.


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Keep ownership and control of your content

Trusted digital seals on documents provide real guarantees of ownership and integrity, as well as non-repudiation when combined with timestamping

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Built for integration

The signing service is accessed via our Entrust Signing Automation Client, which is supported by major PDF tools and any PKCS#11-compatible environment.

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A full service without hardware management

We provide and maintain everything for you: the HSM, the sealing software, the publicly-trusted certificates, and public timestamping and OCSP services.


The Entrust Signing Automation Service can be called to generate a digital seal from a hash value that is sent by your document application. This seal is then embedded back into your document by your application.

A hash value is a fixed-length series of digits representing the content of your document. The Entrust Signing Automation Service never receives any sensitive information or intellectual property.

The following diagram illustrates a typical integration of the Signing Automation Service. It does not include the optional timestamping and OCSP flows.

Signing automation service architecture illustration