Cloud, user authentication, and IoT drive spike in PKI use

Organizations are using digital certificates at rates never seen before, but face many challenges to evolve their PKI to meet new needs. New applications including the IoT, evolving standards and mandates, and unclear internal ownership stand to hinder organizations’ efforts to deploy and manage their PKI. And with a big increase in issued and acquired certificates found in this year’s study, the importance of automated certificate management and strong best practice-based security including HSMs has never been higher.

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use PKI for public-cloud based applications



report that lack of understanding of their PKI’s security capabilities is their top challenge

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use hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect offline root certificate authorities

2020 Global PKI and IoT Trends Study

PKI solutions

nShield General Purpose HSMs

Provide a high assurance foundation for digital security with certified protection for root and issuing CA private keys

PKI Healthcheck Service

Provides expert evaluation and analysis on your policy, governance, technology, and security so you can get the most from your PKI

nShield as a Service

Enables easy, efficient access to cryptography as a service for PKI and more

Entrust PKI

Trust your business with on-premises and managed PKI solutions from the world’s leading PKI provider.

Entrust Certificate Hub

Find, control, and automate the management of your certificates from one powerful portal with Certificate Hub.

The 2020 Global PKI and IoT Trends Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, is based on a survey of 1934 individuals involved in PKI in 17 countries/regions.

Download the full report for more details on PKI and IoT usage, deployment and security trends for benchmarking, planning, and more!

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