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Why is Zero Trust so important?

Zero Trust is much more than enabling trusted identities across users, applications, devices, machines, and workloads. It’s a comprehensive data security strategy for encrypting data at rest and in transit, spanning public and private cloud environments.

So where should companies start with this complex journey? Read this report for key considerations, what questions to ask, and key components of Zero Trust.


The Numbers

$8 trillion

Predicted global cost of damage that will be inflicted by cybercrime in 2023.1

$1.5 million

Average breach cost savings for companies with a mature Zero Trust deployment versus those in the early adoption stage of Zero Trust.2

1.2 Hours

How long a 56-qubit quantum computer took to complete a task that would take 8 years for the world’s most powerful supercomputer to accomplish, according to scientists in China.

1. Cybercrime Magazine, Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions And Statistics For 2023

2. IBM, Cost of a Data Breach 2022

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