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Vipsnet Chooses Entrust Datacard™ IntelliTrust™ Authentication Service for Frictionless Secure Access




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS—(January 24, 2018)Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, today announced that it has been selected by Vipsnet to develop frictionless and highly secure user access to their cloud offering in the education vertical.

Vipsnet, a software solution provider for the education market, helps their clients secure access to a range of third party applications that contain sensitive and confidential information. They have chosen IntelliTrust authentication service as their authentication platform based on its superior capabilities and robust support for managed service providers (MSPs). Vipsnet will introduce a new service called VIPTrust™ for use by teachers, parents and students. They have aggressive plans to expand their market reach to school boards and universities across the region as cloud adoption grows in the sector.

“Mobile and cloud adoption are transforming the world,” says Ryan Zlockie, global vice president of authentication for Entrust Datacard. “MSPs like Vipsnet see significant market opportunities to help organizations adopt new technology by ensuring the necessary security is in place.” Zlockie continues, “Using modern approaches for authentication and access management helps remove friction and frustration, and in this case, improve the learning experience. It’s no longer about counting factors as far as the end user is concerned, it’s about providing quick and easy access to information while ensuring criminals are kept out.”

Key features that attracted Vipsnet to the IntelliTrust™ solution:

  • A rich set of modern authentication capabilities such as soft tokens, mobile smart credentials, adaptive authentication, biometrics, and device reputation ensure a strong and frictionless experience
  • The ability to match authentication strength to different user profiles based on business needs provides flexibility and control
  • Native access management capabilities provide seamless access to 1) authorize enforcement around who can access what applications under which conditions and 2) single sign-on that streamlines the user experience
  • Out of the box support benefits standards-based applications as well as on-premise application integrations

Juliaan van Heyningen, CTO at Vipsnet, says “We see a massive opportunity to help educators, teachers, parents and students leverage cloud technology to improve learning outcomes. The Entrust Datacard IntelliTrust authentication service provides us with a cloud identity and access management platform to deliver our customers modern and easy-to-use security.” van Heyningen continues, “Their Managed Service Provider capabilities free us of time-consuming IT management and allow us to focus on better servicing our clients.”

Vipsnet will benefit from the removal of IT deployment and solution-hosting activities for a hassle-free set up and ongoing service operation. IntelliTrust authentication service also supports white labeling so the company can introduce the service under their own brand — VIPTrust. The service also provides Vipsnet comprehensive system management controls to segregate their clients — easily provisioning software services (new users, new authenticators, new integrations) without having to enlist Entrust Datacard every time.

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About Vipsnet

Vipsnet was founded in 2008 and focuses on identity and access management, serving the education market and small and medium-sized enterprises.