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UK Government Approves Nine Entrust Solutions for G-Cloud 13 Program, including nShield as a Service




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News Room Media Inquiry

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Catalogue of Entrust products certified for the latest iteration of the government-approved digital marketplace.

READING – November 1, 2022Entrust, a global leader in trusted payments, identities and digital infrastructure, has had nine of its cloud and associated support services approved for the G-Cloud Framework. This platform enables public bodies in the UK to procure commodity-based, pay-as-you-go cloud services on government-approved, short-term contracts through an online catalogue called the Digital Marketplace.

This streamlined procurement process supports the UK government’s ‘Cloud First’ policy and is a key component in the government's ambition to operate a cloud-native digital architecture. The Entrust services that are available on the latest iteration of the framework, G-Cloud 13 are as follows:

  • Entrust nShield as a Service – cloud Hardware Security Modules
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), as either:
    • Managed PKI – A bespoke & dedicated PKI without the need for in-house expertise
    • PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) – Cloud based turnkey PKI
  • SSL Certificates (through our partner Conosco)
  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS) – Identity & Access Management with a broad array of authenticators
  • Managed Certificate Hub – Certificate Lifecycle Management for public and private Certificate Authorities in your enterprise
  • Managed Root Certificate Authority – high assurance Root of Trust for your PKI
  • Managed Microsoft PKI – A managed bespoke and dedicated PKI within Azure
  • Cloud support consultancy – design, onboarding, cryptography and PKI health checks for Entrust G-Cloud services

The need to authenticate the identity of people, systems and things is challenging and growing. With the launch of G-Cloud 13, and the inclusion of these nine services from Entrust, government departments and agencies in the UK Public Sector can leverage these solutions to enable secure transactions. As an annually revised platform, G-Cloud 13 will go live on 9 November 2022 and is due to end at 23:59 on the 8 November 2023.

Specifically, the addition of nShield as a Service to this roster facilitates UK public sector organizations moving their infrastructure into the cloud while maintaining control of their data security with master keys protected in a hardware security module (HSM), as is best practice.

“The UK Government G-Cloud program is a way for public sector organisations to purchase cloud based IT solutions from approved, secure providers. Many of these organisations are looking to move as much of their infrastructure into the cloud as possible and need many of the Entrust cloud solutions to support the security requirements. With Entrust cloud solutions, we give you the capability along with the comfort that, strong controls and governance are consistently applied” said Robert Hann, Vice President of Centre of Expertise for Entrust Digital Security Solutions.

“Entrust delivers UK Public Sector organisations G-Cloud approved solutions that ensure that you have a robust, secure and scalable combination of solutions to meet your data protection requirements.”

This cloud-native framework can help customers who are seeking to reduce their on premises data centre footprint and have more flexibility by replacing big capital outlay with a more predictable and flexible subscription payment model. Furthermore, with a selection of managed and “as-a-Service” solutions from Entrust, customers who are lacking the in-house expertise to manage their identity management or data protection solutions can safely leave it to the experts at Entrust.

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G-Cloud Digital Marketplace Listing: Entrust

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