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Over 40 Million Driver’s Licenses Issued on Datacard Solutions In One Year




News Room Media Inquiry

News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNETONKA, Minn.—(Aug. 25, 2014)—Datacard Group today announced that in one year, more than 40 million driver’s licenses have been issued globally utilizing Datacard® government solutions. And, that number is projected to grow as government organizations recognize the benefits of implementing personalization and authentication solutions that help mitigate fraud, protect identities, and demonstrate service improvements to their citizens.

Datacard Group’s driver license projects span globally over a wide range of delivery models, processes and environments – which enables the company to continuously learn from the large base of projects and offer insights to customers and partners for identifying key considerations and market drivers. In North America alone, 18 million of those driver’s licenses were issued in over 15 states and provinces.

“By leveraging our vast experience in all of our projects around the world, as well as listening to the needs of our partners and customers, we continue to bring to market secure, innovative solutions that ease the implementation and operational burden of critical projects and comply with all the changing standards,” said Michael Berman, vice president of government sales for Datacard Group. “Faced with increasing rates of fraud, administrators in many driver’s license programs are now transitioning to far more secure solutions and technologies already recognized in many other countries around the world.”

Globally, Datacard Group projects that the number of driver’s licenses issued each year will continue to increase as more and more programs transition to increased security features such as laser engraving. For example, the entirety of the European Union has already taken the action to mandate all driver licenses to be laser engraved polycarbonate cards.

“Many states in the US have also moved to laser technology to virtually eliminate counterfeiting and alteration, including Virginia, New York, Wisconsin and Washington D.C.,” added Berman. “This is a national security and economic growth issue which has resulted in many countries moving to this more secure ID technology. We expect that there will be many more driver’s license programs transitioning in the coming years.”

Datacard and Entrust driver’s license solutions will be on display at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) 2014 Annual International Conference in Dover, Delaware on August 25-27, booth # 408. For more information about Datacard Group’s government solutions, please visit

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