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Entrust Datacard Introduces the Ultimate Identity Platform




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS—(April 6, 2017)—Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technology solutions, today announced the introduction of the company's ultimate identity platform. The ultimate identity platform combines enhancements in image quality, reliability, durability, modularity, versatility, mobility and security to provide issuers with the ultimate experience in identity issuance. In conjunction with the introduction of the ultimate identity platform, the company is also introducing a new series of desktop retransfer printers.

The ultimate identity platform is built and designed to provide card issuers with a unified solution for issuing identity credentials. The first solution on the ultimate identity platform are the Entrust Datacard™ CR805™ Retransfer Card Printer, the Entrust Datacard™ CR825™ and CE875™ Instant Issuance Systems.

Retransfer printing produces cards with over-the-card-edge and up-to-the-chip printing that allows financial institutions, enterprises and universities, and government programs to promote their brand and engage with individuals through high quality graphics that cannot be accomplished with direct-to-card printing. The introduction of these printers to the market will change issuer's card printing expectations.

The Entrust Datacard CR805 card printer, CR825 and CE875 Instant Issuance Systems are designed to provide users with the ability to create identity, access and payment cards that include long-lasting, brilliant images, while ensuring a deep level of security, durability and reliability. The new Entrust Datacard retransfer desktop card printers provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • High resolution (600 dpi) graphics produced with pigment ink, which allows for a wide color spectrum, fine line details and images that won't fade over time.
  • Focus on reliability and ease of use ensures cards can be printed as needed, with minimal interaction with the printer.
  • Enhancements built into the system to ease concerns about security of the data, making it one of the most secure desktop printers on the market today.
  • Modular design provides versatility, allowing for easy upgrade as program needs change.
  • Integrated solution with the card printer, software and supplies, designed and tested to produce maximum results.

"This new ultimate identity platform gives our customers the flexibility to print whatever kind of cards they need – wherever and whenever they need them, and the ability to do so in a manner which hasn't been a reality in the past," said Tony Ball, senior vice president and general manager, identity and access management for Entrust Datacard. "In creating this printer, we've combined decades of central issuance and desktop issuance experience to create a suite of features that combined, make our new retransfer card printer the ultimate identity platform."

Above and beyond providing high-quality retransfer printing, the printer has also been designed to work with the current Entrust Datacard desktop issuance embosser module. Embossing not only elevates the look of a card, but also increases security by including characters that are virtually impossible to alter, forge or remove. In the near future, the new retransfer printers will also be compatible with the company's current lamination module thereby allowing the issuer to add an additional layer of protection and durability that not only extends the life of the card, but can also include security features that are difficult to replicate, such as tactile impression and holographic overlays.

"We want the introduction of this printer to cause issuers to reset their card printing expectations," continued Ball.

The new series of card printers also include built-in security features that prevent the machine from starting up should there be any indication of malware or threats. The printer also includes a TPM module that provides for the secure storage of keys and certificates, SecureBoot to prevent system startup if malware is detected, enhanced TLS encryption, and an optional key lock that helps to safeguard against unauthorized use.

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