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Entrust Presenting at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit Americas 2021




News Room Media Inquiry

News Room Media Inquiry

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Virtual event will host moderated live peer conversation on digital citizen identities and secure credentials for building trust in a post-pandemic world

MINNEAPOLIS (April 27, 2021)Entrust, a leading provider of trusted identities, payments, and data protection solutions will be participating in this year’s Gartner IAM Americas Summit 2021 as a Platinum-level exhibitor. To be held virtually on May 11-12, this year’s event will focus on the theme of: 'Adapting to disruption. Enabling transformation,' and Entrust will be running a live peer conversation as part of the agenda.

Facilitated by Entrust and Gartner, the ‘Digital Citizen Identities and Other Top Government IAM Challenges’ session will give participants the opportunity to learn more about the role secure digital citizen identities play as we enter a post-pandemic world, as well as share their own perspectives and experiences on government-to-citizen (G2C) IAM challenges and opportunities at this time of rapid digital transformation.

Additionally, Entrust subject matter experts will be engaging with Gartner’s industry analysts as well as offering insight into the Entrust Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution and IAM roadmap across the financial service, healthcare, and government sectors. The conference will provide participants with advice on IAM technologies and strategies including multifactor authentication (MFA), fraud detection, identity proofing, access management and cloud-based IAM.

Gartner Predicts 2021: Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection notes, "The abrupt shift to remote work due to the pandemic creates complications for legacy approaches to IAM that cling to outdated notions of corporate perimeters and in-person interactions. Conversely, the need to drive customer-facing interactions to digital channels creates urgency with respect to digital identity initiatives and reducing bias in identity-proofing processes."

Michael Kelley, Research Director at Gartner observes, "While Bring-Your-Own-Identity and social identity federation have improved collaboration and user experience, organizations trusted with this information struggle to keep centralized stores of identity data secure. The steady stream of publicly revealed data breaches highlights the reality that central repositories of identity data will likely never be fully secure or private."

Additionally, "as access to many products and services continues to migrate to online-only, many individuals in the developing world continue to be identity-invisible. This means that they have no way to participate in banking, finance, education and, in some cases, healthcare, due to the lack of a digital identity." We look forward to this year’s Summit addressing these and other pressing topics related to the rapidly evolving world of IAM.

"Today’s digital world demands a modern approach to IAM. Accelerated by the pandemic, the way we work, do banking, run errands, socialize, and even how we see the doctor has all changed, supported by an unprecedented level of digital transformation. From financial fraud to medical identity theft to ransomware attacks, this massive transformation has also injected many new threats into our daily lives," said Jenn Markey, Product Marketing Director for Identity Solutions at Entrust.

"With this context in mind, we look forward to engaging with the Gartner analysts and other attendees as well as sharing some real life IAM war stories featuring experiences and priorities from our own customer base across the financial, healthcare, and government sectors."

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