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Entrust Paves the Way at RSA Conference 2022 for Cybersecurity Transformation Across a Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape




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News Room Media Inquiry

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Entrust highlights expanded support for multi-cloud implementations, quantum resilience, database security and machine identities

MINNEAPOLIS (May 18, 2022)Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, plans to demonstrate a comprehensive portfolio of digital security solutions at the RSA Conference 2022, North Expo booth 5445. The company will highlight innovative solutions to help enterprises drive digital transformation with confidence, including solutions for expanded control over multi-cloud security, machine identity and IoT management solutions, and tools to promote encryption readiness and resiliency for a post-quantum future that may be just around the corner.

In addition, Entrust will unveil its 2022 Global Encryption Trends Study just prior to RSA 2022, the 16th annual study conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The report will reveal that while use of encryption strategies has jumped significantly, implementation is lagging. It will also show how the flow of sensitive data into multiple cloud and containerized environments forces enterprises to increase their security, while also adding complexity to managing encryption. Subject matter experts will be on hand at the booth to run demos and talk about the report findings as well as the ongoing security and identity challenges of digital transformation across a range of areas:

The complexity of deploying, managing and automating virtual machine and containerized workloads in multi-cloud deployments while maintaining security and compliance is increasing.

At RSA 2022, Entrust will showcase its capabilities as a trusted advisor and solutions provider in this space through its expertise in cloud security posture management, data protection and encryption, certificate solutions, and identity. Specifically, Entrust is building upon the capabilities of CloudControl software and helping organizations secure their public and private cloud footprints preventing inadvertent or malicious misconfigurations leading to failed audits or service disruption.

Preparing for a post quantum world
Quantum computers are quickly approaching the computing power and stability they’ll need to break the public key encryption protocols, such as RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, that protect sensitive data, applications, and transactions we use every day. As highlighted in our recent post quantum announcement, the migration to quantum-safe algorithms can take many years, so the time to prepare for post-quantum is now and Entrust is providing new post quantum (PQ) testing and development solutions to help.

To this end, Entrust will demonstrate the generation and validation of a PQ supported certificate via PQ enabled Certification Authorities and will be inviting customers into the beta program.

Machine Identities
As the number of devices and workloads has exponentially increased, so has the need for tools to secure, support and manage those identities and the data they collect, store, and share.

At this year’s event, Entrust will demonstrate how it helps secure this world through credentials, such as keys, secrets, and certificates. Additionally, it will show how it provides visibility across the IT environment from different sources, via centralized policy enforcement, control and monitoring, as well as automated provisioning to the end points.

Zero Trust
Zero Trust is another concept that is rapidly gaining awareness and adoption. Based on the philosophy of ‘never trust, always verify,’ this is an approach to IT security that employs the concept of least privileged access – giving an entity only the necessary permissions required to fulfill their role or function.

Subject matter experts will be on hand to discuss the Entrust Zero Trust philosophy and how to design an identity-centric ecosystem that ensures users and devices are verified securely and seamlessly whether they are within or beyond the perimeter. Adaptive risk-based authentication is central to realizing a Zero Trust framework by providing continual contextual awareness of user and device behavior.

A partner ecosystem is key to success
Entrust will host presentations in its booth by leading technology partners, showcasing how Entrust solutions deliver integrated security and compliance controls across private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. In booth presentations will feature CyberRes, Red Sift, and VMware and will cover a range of topics from application encryption and container security to protecting IoT and enterprise networks. Participants of these sessions will have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts from Entrust and see demos of new products and services that enhance the security of their data across an increasingly complex and hostile IT landscape.

Entrust and VMware will deliver a joint briefing session at 1pm on June 7, during which Pali Surdhar, Director of Product Security at Entrust, and Dale McKay, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, will discuss how the journey to the next generation of cloud deployments is creating security challenges and share latest strategies to address this new frontier.

“Today’s organizations face a triple-threat to their IT security in the form of an increasingly aggressive threat landscape, a distributed IT infrastructure that is growing in complexity, and an impending shift in fundamental computing. As such, the need for cybersecurity resilience and preparedness has never been more important, or more difficult to achieve consistently for many organizations,” said Cindy Provin, Senior Vice President for Identity and Data Protection at Entrust.

“This year’s RSA Conference provides an excellent opportunity to showcase how Entrust can assist customers and partners to start preparing for the challenges and the opportunities that quantum computing will bring. It will also give us a platform to highlight solutions that integrate across cloud platforms to support multi-cloud deployments as well as our own as a Service offerings that provide security, scalability and flexibility for modern fast-paced environments.”

Additional Information
Webpage: Entrust at RSA Conference 2022
Event details: Booth #5445 North Expo, RSA Conference, Moscone Center, June 6-9, 2022
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