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Entrust celebrates milestones and previews the road ahead for customers, partners and the security industry




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS — October 7, 2021 — Just over one year since rebranding in September 2020, identity, payments and data protection leader Entrust this week previewed upcoming innovations and reviewed key milestones from a pivotal year. These include three strategic acquisitions, as well as new products and services aimed at enabling digital transformation and simplifying security for customers and partners.

“The global pandemic has been fueling digital transformation, and it’s moving faster every day. We’re seeing a world that is rapidly accelerating digital and mobile payments, work from both the home and the office is the norm, managing cloud applications is part of everyday IT, and where travel and border crossing are being reimagined. All of this is happening in a space where threats to consumers, enterprises and governments from varied and sophisticated actors are rising with remarkable speed and agility,” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust.

Wilkinson remarked that Entrust has a strong foundation of capabilities to help secure identities, payments, and data around the world – both on-premise and as a service. Building on this foundation, the company now is turning these core technologies into solutions to secure systems and platforms to enable digital transformation.

Over the last year, Entrust accelerated company growth with three acquisitions designed to enhance its delivery of digital transformation solutions, including:

  • HyTrust - In January 2021, Entrust acquired Hytrust, an innovative provider of key management and security posture management solutions for virtualized and multi-cloud environments. Entrust and HyTrust have partnered on joint solutions that centralize and automate cryptographic key management, enabling enterprises to consistently generate and control encryption key lifecycles at scale. Entrust plans to accelerate security and compliance solutions for on-premise, hybrid, virtualized and multi-cloud environments.
  • WorldReach - In April 2021, Entrust acquired WorldReach, a Canadian company that helps governments and travel service providers create seamless traveler experiences through the digital transformation of the trusted identification process for immigration and border management programs. WorldReach expertly collaborates and brings together identity and workflow technologies to reimagine secure travel, including in areas like border crossing for the Canada Chain of Trust project and the Eurostar rail service pilot.
  • Antelop Solutions - In September 2021, Entrust acquired Antelop Solutions, bringing full digital financial card issuance capabilities to Entrust customers. Financial institutions now can look to Entrust to help them enhance, modernize and secure the full financial card and payment customer experience with both physical cards and digital payment credentials.

According to Wilkinson, the effects of the acceleration of digital transformation has been profound. “For governments to stay ahead of this unprecedented pace of change, security has to be simpler,” Wilkinson said. “This is especially true at a time when the talent shortage in cybersecurity is a real problem. Making security simpler makes it possible to transform faster and to be more confident in compliance.”

Entrust is leveraging its core capabilities and trusted infrastructure to develop innovative solutions that meet these needs, including:

  • New cloud-based as-a-service security and identity solutions, including PKI, IAM, remote signing and HSM deployments, backed by expert support around the world.
  • Building compliance into solutions, including certificate solutions to help meet GDPR requirements, and helping to meet the payment ecosystem requirements of PCI-CP, and more.
  • Adding new data centers in the coming months in Germany and Australia to meet data residency and service needs for cloud based offerings.
  • Enhancing technology partnerships by helping to shape to new standards in the security, identity, and payments ecosystems, including support for new standards like BIMI for email security, and integrating and security and identity solutions with major cloud and IT infrastructure providers.

Entrust also shared several upcoming turnkey ‘packaged’ solutions aimed at simplifying security and enabling digital transformation, including:

  • Seamless Travel -- Entrust will soon announce a new integrated solution for seamless travel, replacing long lines at customs with secure remote identity verification via smartphone. This solution will make travel easier and more contactless, and allow border control agents to focus on handling exceptions and possible risks.
  • Hybrid payment solutions -- Bundling Entrust existing physical card issuance technologies with Antelop secure digital capabilities to offer a best-in-class hybrid issuance solution, supporting the full payment customer experience.
  • Enhanced certificate lifecycle management -- With cyberattacks occurring at a higher rate than ever before, Entrust is enhancing its Certificate Lifestyle Management capabilities to offer a secure, central point for IT to control certificates, encryption keys and crypto.

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