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Entrust Datacard Introduces Adaptive Issuance Suite for Secure End-to-End Credential and Payment Card Issuance




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS—(Sept. 29, 2016)—Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, today announced the availability of the Datacard Adaptive Issuance Suite. The product suite provides users with a flexible and easy-to-manage platform for the end-to-end issuance of any credential, from any device, in any industry or market.

The Adaptive Issuance Suite includes issuance solutions in four categories, including:

  • Issuance Management provides advanced and flexible capabilities for centrally managing issuance devices from an intelligent command center. Printers across a customer’s entire fleet can be managed from a central location, thereby allowing admins to proactively distribute software and firmware updates or reactively solve printer issues. Issuance Management is provided by utilizing:
    • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Remote Monitoring and Management Software
  •  Issuance Core software allow users to optimize their printer’s efficiency and drive issuance operations based on the individual personalization device. Products include:
    • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Chip Interface Software allows users to manage the personalization of smart card applications from a central server, as well as drive any number of personalization systems for central and decentralized issuance.
    • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Job Enable Software and Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Data Access Software allow for adapting Datacard® hardware and software solutions to perform tasks, from automation to powerful data processing capabilities, which typically fall outside the conventional feature set.
  • Smart Card Application provides for the preparation of data for the personalization of integrated smart cards. These applications include formats for EMV, a variety of additional smart card formats. By utilizing these products, customers can easily and seamlessly migrate their payment cards and credentials from magnetic stripe to EMV-enabled formats. Included in this product set are:
    • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ EMV Data Prep and Perso Software
      • Adaptive Issuance EMV Profile Manager Software
      • Adaptive Issuance EMV Runtime Software
    • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ MULTOS Data Prep and Perso Software
      • Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ MULTOS Runtime Software
  • Key Management allows users to enhance overall security and securely manage keys throughout each step of the issuance process and provides users with the flexibility to effectively manage multiple keys by utilizing :
    • Datacard Adaptive Issuance™ Key Manager Software

“Our new Adaptive Issuance Suite allows us to provide customers with a solution that not only gives them the secure issuance they have come to expect from Entrust Datacard, but also the ability to easily deploy the solutions across their production fleet with ease and flexibility,” said Dan Good, vice president, bureau solutions for Entrust Datacard. “This modular solution will allow our customers to create an issuance environment that best meets their needs today, knowing that should those needs change in the future, their issuance products will adapt with them.”

The Adaptive Issuance Suite applications function across all industries and markets and can be customized based on the individual need of each customer. Additionally, if a customer chooses to change their operational issuance model, the product suite can adapt and scale as necessary. This allows the overall issuance process to continue at status quo, thereby allowing for no lost uptime or disruption to operations.

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