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Entrust Datacard, INTERPOL Agree to New Five-Year Strategic Partnership




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNETONKA, Minn.—(Nov. 6, 2014)—Entrust Datacard, a new unified corporate brand launched this week in Paris, today announced the signing of a new five-year strategic partner agreement with INTERPOL. The relationship, which dates back to June 2009, builds on a decisive strategy for using credentialing and identification technology to help secure and empower INTERPOL officers as they remain diligent in their pursuit of malicious actors and international criminal organizations.

INTERPOL is celebrating this year a centenary of international police cooperation following the First International Criminal Police Congress in Monaco 100 years ago. INTERPOL is constantly working to develop new and efficient international police cooperation tools, such as the INTERPOL Travel Document, to assist law enforcement officers to carry out their duties whenever, wherever, there is a call for their assistance.

To achieve this objective, INTERPOL chose to partner with Entrust Datacard, a global leader in identity-based security solutions and secure payment technology. For the past five years, Entrust continuously provided its expertise and dedicated support to INTERPOL, demonstrating the same unwavering commitment and pioneering spirit that guides the organization. Today, INTERPOL renews its confidence in Entrust and extends this strategic partnership with Entrust Datacard.

The new strategic partnership agreement also coincides with Ronald K. Noble stepping down as INTERPOL Secretary General after 14 years. Noble has helped transform INTERPOL into an advanced, forward-thinking organization that leverages technology to help achieve its core missions. The INTERPOL Travel Document initiative is a strong example of the innovation and leadership that have been hallmarks of Noble’s vision and transformative tenure.

“Ronald Noble had a profound impact on INTERPOL’s core mission to help make the world safer,” said Entrust president David Wagner. “His stewardship has helped police agencies across the world be more effective in completing their objectives by facilitating secure communication, collaboration and data-sharing among INTERPOL member countries.”

“There has never been a threat environment more demanding on our police agencies,” added Wagner. “Ronald Noble has made it his mission to ensure INTERPOL’s relevance, empowering it to respond to the support requirements of its global membership to address traditional and new forms of transnational crime. Entrust Datacard congratulates Ronald Noble on his accomplishments and wishes him the best in his future engagements.”

The new strategic partnership agreement incorporates a variety of advanced security technologies and initiatives, including the Entrust Datacard PKI. The original agreement, publicly announced in June 2010, introduced progressive credentialing technology via the delivery of secure, multipurpose global identification credentials for INTERPOL officers.

The functionally equivalent INTERPOL eID and ePassport remains critical in expediting uninterrupted travel on missions in the pursuit of transnational criminals. To date, more than 95 member countries are acknowledging and accepting the credential at border checkpoints.

At the core of this technology, Entrust Datacard provides the PKI capabilities, trust infrastructure and authentication solutions to make the credentialing project possible. This operational infrastructure helps support the issuance of ICAO and EU standards-compliant INTERPOL ePassport and eID under the INTERPOL Travel Document initiative. This also includes advanced EAC-enabled document validation.

In April 2015, Entrust Datacard and INTERPOL will take part in INTERPOL World, participating on an expert panel focusing on advanced solutions for border management and security.

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