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Entrust Datacard Continues to Enhance Security Capabilities of its Central Card Issuance Systems




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS(Nov. 17, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today announced the release of the Datacard® MX Series Laser 350 module. Designed to work inline with the Datacard® MX Series card issuance systems, this module provides new personalization features which offer unique security elements that are difficult to replicate, making this module ideal for card and credential programs in the government and financial markets.

With this module, issuers can utilize the laser to engrave a variety of grayscale elements at over 400 dpi directly on the front and back of the card substrate. Engraveable elements include photos, alphanumeric text, bar codes, signature, fingerprint, logos, graphic images, scrambled indicia, tilted and ghost images and micro-engraving. The Laser 350 Module has been optimized to provide users with greater module throughput while still providing the ability to integrate multiple modules into the MX Series Card Issuance System to meet higher throughput demands.

Additionally, the module supports unique Datacard laser personalization elements, which include:

  • Datacard® PersoCurve™ Security Feature which allows personalization data to be printed in a non-standard format, which can be an effective and low cost way of reducing fraudulent attacks.
  • Datacard® LaserTact™ Security Feature which is a raised (tactile) feature that is difficult to reproduce, mostly without color, durable and easy-to-verify. Furthermore, when this feature is layered with other personalization elements, it enables higher levels of security.
  • Datacard® Photo Optimization Software which enhances an original image, on the fly, during the card personalization process. This technology helps to increase operator efficiency as manual steps to adjust photos are no longer necessary.

“At Entrust Datacard, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest technologies to help in the fight against fraud,” said Dan Good, vice president of central issuance and services product management for Entrust Datacard. “With the new Laser 350 Module, issuers will have access to a wide variety of difficult-to-replicate security features which can be integrated into their card issuance process. This new module utilizes the latest in engraving technology to deliver high-speed, high-quality laser imaging of cards.”

The new module integrates seamlessly with existing Datacard MX8100 Card Issuance Systems and Datacard MX6100 Card Issuance Systems and requires no external power or cooling sources. You can learn more about the module by visiting,

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