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Entrust Datacard Announces Self-Service Kiosk-Optimized Instant Issuance System




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.(June 09, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today announced the availability of the next-generation kiosk-optimized Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system that enables financial institutions, retailers, governments and healthcare organizations to instantly issue permanent embossed or flat payment cards or identification cards through a self-service kiosk.

Offering security and adaptability, the CE870 system is engineered to integrate with a wide range of kiosk offerings.  This multi-purpose solution features secure card personalization technologies that include embossing, rear indenting, smart card encoding that enable EMV card issuance, traditional magnetic stripe encoding, as well as full-color and direct-to-card printing.  It also offers up to six hoppers which allow financial institutions and retailers to issue a variety of card formats from one kiosk location.

“The shift towards a self-service economy has rapidly progressed in the last five years with 40 percent of consumers reporting a preference towards self-service to human contact for their future interactions with companies,” said Connell Smith, vice president distributed issuance, supplies and secure technology products for Entrust Datacard. “Consumers now encounter self-service options in every aspect of their lives, from self-checkout at grocery stores and retailers, to self-check-in at airports and transportation hub – and the kiosk-optimized CE870 system brings that same self-service convenience to consumers in the financial, government and healthcare space.”

In addition, the kiosk solution meets all security requirements for self-service environments – including a retraction feature providing critical security; rear output transport and fascia feature, and physical and logical security features that meet Visa and MasterCard standards.

Entrust Datacard is the leading provider of instant issuance solutions with deployments in over 1,000 organizations and more than 25,000 individual locations worldwide. Offering a complete instant issuance portfolio—including integrated software, hardware, supplies, and service and support—the company’s proven Datacard® CardWizard® software is now configured to drive the kiosk- or desktop-based instant issuance system, which enables simplified management of any card issuance program which can be easily scalable for expanded deployment.

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Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences — whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure. Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications. With more than 2,000 Entrust Datacard colleagues around the world, and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in 150 countries worldwide.  For more information, visit