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Drop on demand

Drop on demand and durable graphics printing

Many card portfolios are migrating to flat card personalization. Our Durable Graphics and Drop on Demand printing technologies seamlessly offer unique, UV-curable printing. These technologies deliver excellent quality, added durability and extended card life, without the need for an additional topcoat.

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Flat card issuance

Unembossed cards are more than a trend—they are an evolution. Give your bureau and your customers a competitive edge in this new landscape with flat card printing from any of our flat-card-ready, metal card capable and future-proof MX Systems.

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Durable graphics technology

High-quality, long-lasting thermal printing, including our exclusive metallic gold and silver personalization, eliminates the need for protective topcoats streamlining your production and lowering your cost of ownership.

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Drop on demand technology

Your customers demand flexibility and accuracy. Our drop on demand modules deliver both. Precision edge-to-edge, full-color, black and white dynamic printing ensures impressed clients. Reliable, beltless-driven handling ensures higher card tracking accuracy, increased data integrity, and fewer problems passed along to your customer than other processes.

metal credit card image

Metal card technology

Flat card technologies and changing card designs have allowed for continuing card differentiation. One of the newest trends in the card issuance market is the metal cards. Offer your customers the flexibility to support traditional plastic cards as well as high-value, elite metal cards in one system.

Experience the Benefits

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Inspire your Clients

Inspire your customer to stand out from their competition with the latest flat card technology capabilities.

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Increase your Capabilities

Printing needs change with every customer. Modular technologies gives you the flexibility to meet changing market demands.

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Future-Proof your Operation

Be prepared for this and future evolutions in card issuance. Upgrade a module instead of a whole system.

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Expand your Offering

Entrust offers additional flat card printing options, including: full-card indent, laser engraving, traditional thermal printing, and protective overlays.

Flat Card Resources

Flat Card Case Studies

Flat Card Systems

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Connect from Card to Carrier

Flat card technology is a great design tool. But it’s only one of many options we bring to card marketers. One sure way to elevate your designs and differentiate your brand is to leverage unique combinations of the technologies we offer. On-demand color printing capabilities, custom label printing and card affixing technologies help differentiate your brand and deliver your message on the card, label and carrier.