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The Entrust GetAccess Comprehensive course is an in-depth, hands-on treatment of the Entrust GetAccess authorization solution. This course introduces participants to the Entrust GetAccess product, and provides the key concepts, skills and experience to manage and integrate Entrust GetAccess into their environment.

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Entrust GetAccess Comprehensive is a four-day, instructor-led, hands-on overview of Entrust GetAccess. Course participants will plan, install and configure Entrust GetAccess and some of its optional components on Windows Server 2008 R2.

The course begins with an detailed look at the Entrust GetAccess product architecture. A single-machine installation of Entrust GetAccess is then performed, followed by comprehensive hands-on experience with the administrative tools, managing users, roles, resources, and policies.

Attendees learn about customization of the environment with Entrust GetAccess Administration Service Interface (ASI), extensions, custom cookies, and integration with other authentication mechanisms. Step-up authentication is explored, including the use of Entrust IdentityGuard as a secondary authentication method. Finally, the concepts of SAML2 are explored, and the attendees configure their systems to join a classroom SAML environment.

While prior knowledge of the concepts surrounding authentication is helpful, participants do not require any previous experience with Entrust products.

Previous experience with the Windows operating system is required as the hands-on exercises are completed on computers running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Who should attend: This four-day hands-on course is intended for technology professionals who will be responsible for planning, implementing, configuring, managing and supporting Entrust GetAccess.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe in detail the Entrust GetAccess components and architecture
  • Perform server installations of the Entrust GetAccess product
  • Initialize and manage users, roles, and access to resources
  • Create customized Entrust GetAccess extensions, cookies, and policies
  • Integrate external authentication mechanisms with Entrust GetAccess, including Entrust IdentityGuard
  • Enable step-up authentication
  • Describe and configure SAML2 as it relates to Entrust GetAccess


The Managing users in Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration course includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Entrust GetAccess

Lesson 2 - Detailed architecture

Lesson 3 - Plan an Entrust GetAccess solution

Lesson 4 - Single-machine installation

Lesson 5 - System administration

Lesson 6 - Role administration

Lesson 7 - Resource management

Lesson 8 - Policy administration

Lesson 9 - User administration

Lesson 10 - Administrative roles

Lesson 11 - Entrust GetAccess configuration

Lesson 12 - Enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting

Lesson 13 - System extensions

Lesson 14 - Entrust Identification and Entitlements Server

Lesson 15 - Entrust GetAccess Administration Services Interface (ASI)

Lesson 16 - Advanced policy

Lesson 17 - Web application integration

Lesson 18 - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Lesson 19 - Entrust GetAccess step-up authentication

Lesson 20 - Entrust IdentityGuard integration

Lesson 21 - SAML overview

Lesson 22 - SAML2 configuration