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Manage encryption key lifecycles across your virtualized infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCIs) are an increasingly popular choice for enterprises who seek a scalable, cost-effective, and future-proofed alternative to traditional data centers. DevOps organizations, which favor the simplicity of cloud-native deployment, also prefer virtualized environments because they afford rapid deployment, strong automation, and ease of management. However, the growing momentum behind HCI introduces a new challenge: ensuring that sensitive data in these environments is protected. As is the case with other computing environments, the use of encryption along with comprehensive key lifecycle management and policy enforcement is necessary for virtualized infrastructures.

Key management for encrypted cloud and on-premises workloads

Entrust KeyControl acts as a pre-integrated, always-on universal key management server for your KMIP-compatible virtualized environment. Your virtual machines and applications are encrypted at the source with no need for data to traverse your network in plain text format. In support of the key lifecycle, cryptographic keys can be issued, revoked, rotated, backed-up and re-issued, with automation and auditing to meet your enterprise compliance needs. As a result, encrypted workloads are protected, even if accessed by an unauthorized party.

KeyControl scales the management of encryption keys to tens of thousands, including encryption keys across different platforms. Customers also benefit from high availability support with active-active clustering and up to 8 key management servers per cluster.

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