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Veritran is a global tech company devoted to simplifying banking experiences. Through their business solutions, they inspire financial institutions to take digitalization to the next level. They are proud to be a key strategic partner for renowned clients across Latin America, North America, and Europe – helping them become the banks their customers prefer. By creating innovative customer-focused products, Veritran empowers over 50 million people to run their financial world.

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Solution Description

Since the beginning, Veritran has worked on a highly scalable business model that responds to the financial industry’s needs. Through a suite of business solutions – which includes retail banking, business banking, payments ecosystem, onboarding and digital identity, and a security suite – Veritran creates first-class user experiences that are prepared for the challenges of the future. To achieve this, they work on a global partner program that opens endless opportunities in the digital ecosystem.

By combining the Veritran platform with their partners’ services, they develop robust solutions for market players who seek to speed up their time to market, provide the best user experience and be protagonists in the new digital era. Specifically, Veritran and Entrust have formed a technology alliance partnership to enable Veritran clients to meet customers’ expectations with a digital-first solution portfolio – from account opening to digital card issuance, to digital signing and authentication.


Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



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