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Get professional-looking, food-safe-compliant labels

Keep up with price fluctuations and changing labeling requirements by printing food-safe labels on demand with a high-resolution Entrust Food Label Printer — the ideal printing solution for supermarkets, delis, butcher shops, fish markets, bakeries, coffee shops, and hotels with self-service food items.

Upgrade your image

Professionally market your products and easily update your pricing and messaging.

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Professional-looking labels

Clear and accurate logos, messaging, and nutritional information create more trust than handwritten labels.

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Food-safe compliant

Print ribbons and black plastic cards won’t bleed or contaminate food – no lamination required.

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Quick and easy printing

Print new labels quickly to respond to market needs to maximize profitability.

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Design versatility

Print traditional black-on-white or white-on-black food labels. Print single- or dual-sided cards.

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Multi-purpose printers

Print food labels, employee badges, nametags, gift cards, loyalty cards, promotional cards, and more

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