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One name, one portfolio keeps identity simple for all.

We have unified our different authentication products into one portfolio under one name – Entrust Identity. As part of this effort, we have updated the names of our existing authentication products as follows:

  • IdentityGuard is now Identity Enterprise
  • IntelliTrust is now Identity as a Service
  • SMS PASSCODE is now Identity Essentials

Here’s the why behind this change and what it means to you!

Simplified – Having three separate authentication products has been complex and confusing for our customers and channel. One name, one portfolio keeps it simple for all. As well, “identity” reflects the shift from outdated perimeter security concepts to secure distributed identities and Zero Trust.

We do more than just authentication – The reality is our solution set goes far beyond authenticating users to include a broader set of Identity and Access Management (IAM) use cases that supports secure identities, access, and communications. The name Entrust Identity better reflects our portfolio capabilities.

More features and accelerated roadmap – By integrating our authentication portfolio, customers and channel partners now have access to a breadth of authenticators, use cases, and deployment options that is unparalleled in the market today. As well, by focusing our development efforts on one unified portfolio, you’ll get more features, faster.

Mobile first platform – As part of this effort, we are unifying our single purpose mobile apps into one modern app for the Entrust Identity portfolio that serves both iOS and Android devices. This also applies to our mobile Software Developer Kit which is used by many customers. As well, as customers augment and evolve their authentication solution including moving from on-premise to the cloud, there is no longer the need to change out the mobile app.

Scalable – One unified identity portfolio means organizations can get started with what they need today and grow how and when they need, without having to swap out one product for another. Entrust Identity supports an unprecedented number of IAM use cases for workforce, consumer, and citizen user communities ranging in size from 50 to more than 10 million.

Flexible and future proof – In addition to having access to the industry’s largest number of authenticators, customers can pick the deployment option that works best for them today – cloud, on-premise, or managed service – and keep their options open for the future.

Secure across the enterprise – With Entrust Identity, all of our customers, alliance and channel partners gain access to our complete authentication portfolio protecting the identities of workers, consumers, and citizens to ensure secure access and communications.

Learn more about Entrust Identity.

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