Several vaccine passport solutions have begun to roll out in different parts of the world. In Israel, a “green pass” is available to the public as either a digital app-based or physical card-based credential. It is currently required for citizens to access a variety of activities – including movie theaters, sporting events, airports and even indoor restaurants. Similar regional solutions are also being developed in China, Europe, Singapore, Denmark and beyond. In total more than 17 unique passport solutions are currently in development.

vaccine passport graph

As most of these solutions evolve, technology providers will face tough questions around security and accessibility. Seamless, on-demand validation and data encryption will need to take place at every step – from the moment a health professional inputs vaccination status into a person’s health record to validating that person’s vaccination record across multiple different checkpoints.

While the specific tools and user interfaces will almost certainly look very different, there are a few common steps every vaccine passport solution will need to account for – you can learn more about those steps here.

Regardless of how the process and technology ultimately plays out for each vaccine passport solution, interoperability will be critical. Without it, a plethora of siloed vaccine passport solutions could become too complex to manage across dozens of participating industries, hundreds of countries and a complicated web of health jurisdictions.

In anticipation of this challenge, Entrust has joined the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC). The GHPC seeks to provide an open, inclusive, cross-sector vaccine passport initiative to bring important stakeholders together. By working together, we can better understand the problems – and identify the practical solutions – airports, border control and others will need to support vaccine authorized entry as the world reopens.


This blog is the second in a three-part series titled “Trusted Vaccine Passports: Restoring a World in Motion.” In the final blog, we will explore how a vaccine passport solution can help support a faster return to normal this summer and beyond.