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Entrust email encryption solutions work with a broad range of email applications including Microsoft® Outlook/Exchange and Lotus® Notes/Domino. It can be used by mobile users including those with RIM BlackBerry® handheld devices and via secure web mail. Entrust email encryption software uses S/MIME, PGP and Entrust encryption formats.

Users of Entrust email encryption benefit from:

  • Transparent, easy-to-use encrypted email security
  • Automatic encryption and digital signatures
  • Integration with content analysis tools for email compliance
  • 'Government strength' security validated against NIST standards

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How Much Security Do You Need?
Entrust email encryption software solutions can be placed at different points in your email network to meet your unique security requirements. If you are seeking risk mitigation, you should consider how to protect information at all times, end-to-end, or, "desktop-to-recipient".

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Entrust encrypted email products deliver email security that is easy for users (does not require a change in behavior) and is easy to configure and deploy.

Entrust Entelligence™ Messaging Server

BlackBerry Integration
The Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server is an appliance-based email encryption gateway that makes it easier to communicate securely with external partners and customers. Offering standards-based S/MIME, OpenPGP, and Web-based encrypted email options for secure message delivery from Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus® Domino environments, the Messaging Server can be used to reduce the time, cost, and risks of conducting a wide range of tasks electronically, including the distribution of financial data, HR information, contract negotiations, personalized customer communications and more.

For Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry® users, Entrust and RIM have worked closely to provide seamless integration with Entrust's desktop S/MIME software, the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server product and the RIM BlackBerry handheld device. As a result, customers using the BlackBerry platform are able to enjoy simpler, more flexible email security with the BlackBerry handheld.

Don't take chances when it comes to email encryption.

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