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Exceed customer expectations

Flat card technologies and changing card designs have allowed for continuing card differentiation. One of the newest trends in the card issuance market is the metal card substrate.

Offer your customers the flexibility to support the variety of metal cards out in the market with the best in personalization technologies.

Stand out with metal card personalization

The financial market is continuing to increase their interest in offering customers high-end, premium metal cards. Cardholders are increasingly commenting how much they prefer their metal cards. 

With a variety of vendors and metal card substrates available, personalizing these cards can cause inefficiencies. Our answer to supporting metal card issuance is our metal card solution.

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Big impact from little effort

Entrust’s metal card solution is built with MX System modularity, making it an easy-to-integrate, affordable addition for your card issuance program. It offers you the flexibility to support a wide variety of metal cards available and your customers’ metal card jobs with little change to your production. 

Our metal card solution includes an input and output module, plus the service to evaluate and qualify your metal card stock.


Start supporting your customers’ metal card requests with our seamless integration and little change to your production. No need to learn new processes, use up production floor space, or acquire the hidden costs possible with stand-alone systems.

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Support Metal Card Market Growth

Meet metal card job requests seamlessly by adding the modules to your MX8100, MX6100 and MX2100 Systems. Built on MX Series modularity, this solution can be added simply and quickly.

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Expand Production Capability

Personalize metal cards on the same MX Series Systems you use for PVC and PC cards. Engineered to support a variety of metal cards available in the market.

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Resource Efficiency

Support increasing metal card demand by personalizing with your high-volume systems, saving on floor space, power, training time and technical support.

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Available Card Evaluation Service

Trust our expertise to evaluate and qualify your metal card stock, to ensure that your cards can be properly handled and personalized.

About the Solution

Metal Card Input

The metal card input module feeds cards reliably into the system. A metal card input module can be installed in a system in conjunction with a standard (plastic) card input module to support both metal and plastic cards in a modular system.

  • Optimized card picking technology to handle a variety of metal card substrates
  • Tray capacity of up to 500 metal cards

Metal Card Output

The metal card output module is designed with three trays: two trays for good cards and one tray for rejected cards. Utilized in multi-purpose configurations, it allows metal cards to exit the system (helping reduce track wear) or configured at the end of a dedicated metal card system.

  • Increase operator ease-of-use by adding an optional output monitor at the end of a system
  • A pause/resume button at the card output module allows the operator to stop or restart the production without returning to the system controller

Note: All metal cards should be tested for compatibility

Metal Card Solution Options

  • Purchase the Solution as part of a new Datacard® MX8100, MX6100 or MX2100 Card Issuance System
  • Add to your existing Datacard® MX8100 or MX6100 Card Issuance Systems by purchasing a field upgrade

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