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What are Verified Mark Certificates?

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are digital certificates that enable organizations to display their registered trademark logo in the avatar slot alongside outgoing emails.* 

Our VMCs adhere to the specifications of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) and help your emails stand out and get noticed in a crowded inbox while protecting them against fraud through DMARC’s anti-spoofing technology. 

It’s simply the smartest way to send emails. 

* Displays on Gmail and other email service providers that support BIMI. 

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How to add your logo to an outgoing email


Information Gathering

Performed by your Marketing or IT teams

  • Select logo(s) and email domain(s)
  • Obtain trademark registration number and organization information
  • Send VMC request to Entrust, providing logo(s) in tiny SVG format
Trademark Registration



Performed by Entrust

We perform a high assurance validation process to verify all information provided meets BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) requirements.

BIMI Verification


DMARC and BIMI Compliance 

Performed by your IT team 

DMARC: Policy for the email domain(s) must be ­set to p=quarantine (at 100%) or p=reject (at any %) 
BIMI: Add BIMI TXT record for domain(s) into the DNS




Performed by your email deployment team

Send emails with your registered logo in the avatar slot of emails displayed on Gmail and email clients that support BIMI.

VMC Delivery

VMCs boost email engagement**

** Report: Consumer Interaction with Visual Brands in Email, June 2021. All results shown are averages.

+21% increase in open rates positively impacts both transactional and promotional emails.

+18% increase in brand recall after a five-second exposure – and the stronger the brand, the higher the recall increase.

+34% increase in purchase likelihood, indicating a better ROI.


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More brand impressions

Increase the number of brand impressions by displaying your logo alongside every email.

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Elevated brand reputation

Build customer confidence with a tech-savvy, security-conscious approach to email communications.

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Increased email engagement

VMCs help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, boosting open rates, brand recall, and purchase likelihood.

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Automated installation and hosting

Entrust hosts the registered logo and certificate for an automated, hassle-free installation and renewal process.

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Reduced fraud risk

DMARC’s anti-spoofing technology protects your emails against fraud.

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Improved email deliverability

DMARC compliance means emails are less likely to be delivered to spam folders.

verified logos in email inbox on phone

What are Government Mark Certificates?

Government Mark Certificates are digital certificates that enable a government agency or department to display their authorized logo in email communications as per BIMI guidelines. 

Entrust verifies the logo has been granted by a statute, regulation, treaty, or other government action and the agency or department is authorized to use that logo

DMARC Partners

You can check your DMARC status with any of these service providers:


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