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The 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study, the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry, highlights how organizations are managing encryption strategies and data security threats across multiple clouds. The results are clear: sensitive data is still at risk and more scattered than ever.

Coverage includes:

  • Multi-cloud encryption strategies
  • Trends in encryption adoption and deployment choices
  • Threats, drivers, and priorities
  • Importance of hardware security modules (HSMs)

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A new milestone, but not the finish line

After 16 years of conducting the Global Encryption Trends Study, the Ponemon Institute found that organizations reached a new milestone with 50% reporting that they have an overall encryption strategy that’s applied consistently.

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Customer data is still at risk

Customer information is once again listed as the top reason to encrypt, yet only 42% of respondents are using encryption for customer data – ranking 5th on the list of data types that enterprises actually encrypt.

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The starting line is the first hurdle

65% of respondents report struggling to find where sensitive data resides across multiple clouds, and over 2/3 of organizations are using two or more public clouds.


Solid foundations for cloud platforms

Containerized application development and secrets management are now major use cases for encryption and hardware security modules in supporting cloud-based platforms.


Looking forward

Blockchain is close to mainstream with organizations considering multiple use cases. However, next generation encryption technology, including multi-party computing, homomorphic encryption, and quantum algorithms are more than five years away.

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