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We are here to share an important clarification of Entrust’s process for reinstating a customer’s lapsed on-premises software contract with Entrust.

For a variety of reasons, an Entrust customer may not be able to renew and pay for their on-premises contract in time with their contract renewal date. As a consequence, their contract lapses or expires. Many customers may only realize they mistakenly let their contract lapse once they request that Entrust provide support for the software and/or equipment under the contract. In that instance, Entrust cannot provide the requested support for lack of a valid, active contract.

Entrust has the right to suspend any provision of service under a contract that has lapsed or otherwise has not been paid for, and Entrust has the right to reinstate a lapsed contract at its discretion and for an additional fee.

To reinstate a lapsed on-premises contract, the following requirements must first be met:

  1. The customer must pay all past-due contract fees up to the date of the reinstatement request in order to have their contract reinstated as active.
  2. Entrust reserves the right to add a 20% fee on top of the past due amount as a reinstatement processing fee and a 40% fee to the past due amount if the contract is over 6 months past its expiration date.
  3. For clarity, no support will be provided until the contract has been renewed and paid for.

Reinstatement eligibility is subject to Entrust’s discretion and validation that software and equipment is up to date and that support can be reinstated.

Where Entrust decides not to reinstate the customer’s contract, the customer will be treated as a net-new customer, subject to renegotiated pricing and legal agreements, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Entrust representative.