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Retrieve an IPv6 Address


A printer on an IPv6 network can be configured to use one or more of the following methods, depending on how the network is set up.

A printer on an IPv6 network can be configured to use one or more of the following methods, depending on how the network is set up:

  • Link Local IPv6 address: The printer and PC clients are restricted to the same subnet. Link local is enabled automatically when IPv6 is enabled and offers the best security for your network.
  • DHCPv6: A DHCPv6 server is externally configured to give out an IPv6 address.
  • Stateless Address AutoConfiguration (SLAAC): One or more routers with IPv6 enabled on the subnet give out a subnet prefix that allows access to IP addresses.
  • Manual IPv6 Address: The printer has a designated IPv6 address on a specified subnet. The address does not change without manual intervention. This is similar to an IPv4 static IP address.

The method used can be enabled or disabled using the LCD Configuration menu or the Printer Dashboard. Refer to the Printer Dashboard Help for more information about enabling IPv6.

To display an IPv6 address using the Status menu, do the following.

  1. Begin with the printer in Ready status. Press the USER button.
  2. Suspended displays on line 1 of the LCD panel. Press ENTER to enter the menu system.
  3. Access the Status menu in the LCD menu system:
    1. Press the down arrow to display Status on line 3.
    2. Press ENTER to enter the Status menu.
    3. Press the down arrow until Network IPv6 displays on line 3.
    4. Press ENTER to display the Network IPv6 menu.
  4. Press the down arrow until the address method used by your network displays on line 3.
  • DHCP
  • Manual
  • Local

Press ENTER to display the IP address.

User-added image The following example shows the LCD display for an IPv6 Manual address. DHCP, SLAAC, and Local addresses behave the same, as does the gateway address for a manual address.
An IPv6 address is represented as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons. The address
requires 39 characters to display. Because the LCD displays a limited number of characters per line, the IPv6 address is spread across three screens of the LCD panel. You can press either the down arrow or the ENTER key to display the next section of the address. A digit at the end of line 1 indicates which section of the address is being displayed.
User-added image
User-added image A stateless (SLAAC) configuration (if enabled) can have multiple values depending on the router setup. The LCD displays up to four SLAAC addresses. An additional digit in line 1 indicates which address is being displayed
  1. Record the address.
  2. Press the down arrow until Exit displays on line 3.
  3. Press ENTER. Then, press the USER button to return the printer to Ready.