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Replace the Print Ribbon - Install the Prefilled Print Ribbon Cassette

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The prefilled print ribbon cassette is an all-in-one, one-time-use print ribbon, cleaning roller, and ribbon cartridge.
  1. Open the printer cover and remove the used print ribbon cassette. Discard the used cassette.
  2. Open the cassette package and remove the print ribbon cassette. The cassette is shipped in a closed position.
  3. Extend the cassette to its fully open position. Pull out the front of the cassette until it clicks.
  4. Remove the protective wrapper from the cleaning roller.
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  1. Install the cassette in the printer.
    1. Hold the ribbon cassette by the handle and lower it into the printer with the handle toward the front of the printer.
    2. Position the ribbon cassette in the guides.
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  1. Close the printer cover. Press down on the ridges on the front of the cover to make sure that is latches completely.