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Sigma - Prepare the Printer for Use


Prepare the Sigma Printer for Use.

  1. Unlock the printer.
  2. Replace the cards in the input hopper and close the hopper.
  3. Install a new print ribbon and cleaning roller on the ribbon cartridge (refer to “Load the Print Ribbon Cartridge”), Or, prepare the ink ribbon cassette (refer to “Install the Prefilled Print Ribbon Cassette”).
  4. Load the ink ribbon into the printer.
  5. Close the printer cover. Press down on the ridges on the front of the cover to latch it completely.
  6. Press the USER button to return the printer to Ready.
  7. Discard the used cleaning card and cleaning roller.
User-added image Printer best practices recommend that you clean the printer every 500 cards processed. If enabled, the message “Cleaning required” displays on the printer LCD panel when the configured cleaning count is reached. Clean the printer to continue printing.
You can change the configured cleaning count using the Printer Dashboard Print menu.