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Artista CR Series - Card Handling Information


Use the following information when purchasing and handling card stock.

Card Handling Information

Use the following information when purchasing and handling card stock:

  • Purchase quality card stock. Excessive burrs, scratches, surface defects, or contaminates on cards can result in print errors.
  • Grease or oils, such as oils from your fingers, can reduce card quality. To keep cards completely clean, do not touch the print surface of a card.
  • Handle blank card stock by the edges only, or wear the card inspection gloves included in the cleaning kit.
  • Debris or particles on blank card stock can reduce card quality and damage the system. If you drop a card on the floor, clean it using a lint-free cloth before using it in the system. Do not use solvents to clean the card.
  • Avoid contact with the following, as they can cause discoloration or fading of the cards:
  • Organic solvents, such as alcohol, film cleaner, or diazo paper.
  • Soft vinyl chlorides, document cases, pass holders, or erasers.
  • Hand lotions, hairdressing products, or cosmetics.
  • Avoid storing the cards in locations exposed to direct sunlight, or with high temperature and high humidity.