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Complete Control

Whether you are managing a start-up or enhancing an existing program, this software enables fully-integrated control over the data required for personalization and post-production activities.

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Broad Compatibility

AI DPP software supports all Entrust and other brands of high-volume and desktop card and issuance systems.

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Customizable Production Process

SDKs allow developers to customize the production process.

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Complete Data Management

Securely merge data and ready it for card personalization. Generate encrypted personalization data.

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Modular Design

New modules can be added easily as programs change, ensuring investment protection and maintaining continuity.

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Reporting and Administration

A unique record number is linked to the personalization data so you can confirm card information is correct.


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Tech Specs

Standard Features

  • Handles many types of data and audit formats
  • Embedded XML parser
  • Production Process can be customized using embedded JavaScript interpreter or specific DLL (requires SDK)
  • Embedded ICAO/LDS parser
  • ICAO/LDS data generator
  • Image conversion/treatment functions
  • Entrust® SDK for customized data management and interfaces

Data Management

  • Plain text or binary data format
  • XML data format
  • More than 100 image conversion formats
  • ICAO/LDS data format
  • Unicode
  • Data preparation through integrated JavaScript interpreter
  • Interface to any external data flow through the Resources Manager

Field Types

  • Fixed or variable record length
  • Fixed or delimited data field

Database Support

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Support local or remote database host

Language Features

  • Multiple language support of user interface
  • English, French, (German, Serbian, Dutch, Slovak partially translated)

Security Features

  • Relies on Windows security policies
  • Multiple security levels
  • Sensitive data encryption

Compatible Systems

  • Interfaces with both Entrust and other branded systems
  • Supports all Entrust card and passport issuance systems



  • Receives data files and sends them to the Core module. This process can be manual or automated.


  • Prepares data for the personalization process according to production rules.


  • Receives production feedback about the status and personalization information of each card. Enables post-personalization tracking and quality assurance.


  • Extracts and formats data to generate files for any purpose, including the audit file.


  • Provides real-time information about jobs and individual cards throughout personalization and post-production, including quality control and mailing.


  • Manages personalization profiles and automatically oversees authorization management processes, system set-ups, production profiles, and client-specific processing.

Card Personalization Manager

  • Automates distribution of jobs and data files to the appropriate personalization information for each card.


  • Tracks required stock and establishes minimum levels, enabling operators to manually book stock out. Operator prompts are sent when stock is low.

Quality Control

  • Enables operators to check the physical document with a visual or tabular display generated by the software
  • Personalized data can be retrieved from the chip, magstripe, or barcode (requires additional device)


  • Generates internal production reports for line managers and executive decision-makers. Produces customized reports that summarize production details.

Additional Modules

  • Purge
  • Archive
  • PIN Mailer
  • Shipment

    Data Preparation and Production Management Case Studies

    hand holding national id card
    Guatemala national identity card

    When Guatemala decided to institute a national identity card system, it wanted an electronic state-of-the-art system that would improve the process of citizen authentication on a countrywide basis.

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