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Entrust Datacard Solves Evolving Identity and Encryption Needs with Latest PKI Platform




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS – July 14, 2020 – Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure issuance technology solutions, today announced Security Manager 10, the tenth generation of its leading Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform delivering cloud-level scale to continue meeting the demanding needs of authentication, encryption and digital signatures across industries. Available for on-premise and cloud deployments, the platform provides the high availability, increased throughput and horizontal scalability that modern certificate authorities (CA) require to support digital enterprise, banking and government organizations.

"Entrust Datacard has been continuously evolving our PKI platform for more than 25 years and Security Manager 10 is the evolution of the core technology that has defined the PKI market since 1994," said Jon Ferguson, Director of Product Management at Entrust Datacard. "Today's growing digital enterprise, banking and government organizations require a PKI platform that allows them to manage high-volume certificate issuance without the risk of downtime that could be damaging to their brand. Security Manager 10 provides the trusted infrastructure these organizations need to deliver on brand promises without sacrificing security."

"Entrust Datacard has a rich pedigree in market as a trusted provider of proven certificate solutions," said Robyn Westervelt, Research Director, Security & Trust at IDC. "The Security Manager 10 platform delivers in meeting the market demand as a comprehensive and high assurance infrastructure for managing and securing digital identities with ease, scale and reliability."

As security threats become more sophisticated and compliance mandates evolve to keep pace, organizations are tasked with enforcing corporate-wide security policies that manage and secure digital identities while providing a seamless experience for users and administrators. With Security Manager 10, organizations can easily manage the digital keys and certificates to secure user, device, and application identities. With an industry-leading Certificate Authority (CA) and Administrative Services Registration Authority (RA), powerful Validation Authority Services (OCSP) and cryptography toolkits for enterprise development and embedded Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, Security Manager 10 provides a comprehensive infrastructure for all organizations looking to establish a scalable security practice.

Security Manager 10 offers many advanced capabilities to meet any industry's certificate needs, including:

  1. High availability: Security Manager 10 high availability configuration upgrade means near-zero downtime when performing an upgrade or should there be an unexpected system failure – which is especially critical for large enterprise and government-scale applications.
  2. Increased throughput: With encryption and certificate use continuing to expand to protect people, systems and thingsSecurity Manager 10 allows for capacity to be added on demand without any complex IT software or infrastructure.
  3. Horizontal Scalability: Security Manager 10's core CA scales with your business. The addition of CA Nodes can be done from a command line or through simple server side orchestration scripting. And, flexible High Availability (HA) licenses entitles customers to run multi-node configurations out of the box.

Security Manager 10 is fully integrated with Entrust Datacard's PKI-enabled application ecosystem to enable simplified Certificate Management with Entrust Certificate Hub, mobile security from a rich ecosystem of Mobile Device Management partners, and citizen and government credential issuance, management, and validation while running in high assurance environments.

For more information about Security Manager 10, read: entrust-security-manager-ds.pdf.

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