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Entrust Datacard Launches Web-Based Dashboard to Simplify Management of Financial Card Issuance Devices




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—(June 29, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today unveiled Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Remote Monitoring and Management Software, the first-ever intelligent command center that enables banks and credit unions to easily manage their entire fleet of in-branch instant card issuance devices from a single web-based dashboard.

“We created the Remote Monitoring and Management software in response to customer demand for a better way to control their growing card issuance programs,” said Ryan Zlockie, vice president of software product management for Entrust Datacard. “With this new software, financial institutions can conveniently manage their issuance devices across multiple branch locations to ensure seamless service for consumers seeking new or replacement cards.”

Traditional approaches to managing card issuance devices, such as email and phone calls between branches, can be costly, time-consuming and delay needed service. As financial institutions face increasing market competition, they need flexible, scalable software to address evolving customer demands in a streamlined way. Remote Monitoring and Management software, part of the Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ product suite, addresses these challenges by offering:

  • A simplified, single dashboardRemote Monitoring and Management software automatically collects information from an entire fleet of issuance devices and presents data on error codes, maintenance updates and supply needs on a single, intuitive dashboard. This real-time snapshot enables managers to quickly identify and resolve issues remotely for individual devices, specific device groups or fleet-wide.
  • Flexibility and scalability to support organizations of all sizesRemote Monitoring and Management software can support small financial institutions with just a few branch locations as well as the complex needs of regional and multinational banks. Managers can integrate Remote Monitoring and Management software with legacy or proprietary user interfaces and easily add functionality as their issuance program expands.
  • Increased security and operational efficiencyThe Remote Monitoring and Management software dashboard provides a real-time view into the status and location of each card issuance device, enhancing security while reducing costs and downtime by enabling managers to automate both supply replenishment and service calls linked to specific error codes.
  • Data-driven insights for decision-makersManagers can analyze data from the Remote Monitoring and Management software dashboard to identify high- and low-performing branches to inform sales and marketing decisions related to in-branch issuance programs.

“Faced with evolving security threats and consumer expectations for instant service, financial institutions need simple, flexible and efficient technologies to thrive and grow,” added Zlockie. “Our Remote Monitoring and Management software is the industry’s first intelligent, web-based dashboard for card issuance devices, empowering decision-makers to enhance customer service and operational performance.”

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