Only 100 days have past since BIMI first launched and it’s clear that early adopters see brand value in displaying their registered logo on email communications. Last week, Red Sift, a DMARC provider and Entrust partner, celebrated with insights on 100 Days of BIMI: who’s showing their registered logo on emails?

BIMI creates a more immersive email experience for brands who are looking for more ways to personalize their email communications. It increases brand impressions bringing immediate brand recognition to people’s inboxes. This infographic will show you who is making the most of it worldwide.

You can see BIMI in action in Gmail, Workspace, Yahoo and Fastmail email services. Look for logos of BIMI enabled brands in the avatar slot alongside emails – brand logos like Ally Bank, Trend Micro, Zix and many others are already showing up in customer inboxes worldwide. With an Entrust Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) and DMARC technology properly vetted and configured, any organization meeting the BIMI guidelines can show their logo on emails.

We are excited to support this effort and are seeing a tremendous level of interest in BIMI and VMCs from organizations throughout the world who see BIMI as an opportunity to bring more brand visibility to email communications.

Read the blog by our integrated technology partner, Red Sift, 100 Days of BIIM: who’s showing their registered logo on emails?