With a limited global vaccine supply and emerging variants, it’s clear we’re headed for a new normal vs. a return to normal. From a work perspective, that means the hybrid workforce is here to stay. Also referred to as the distributed or remote workforce, this shift completely obsoletes the network security perimeter concept, introducing new risks and vulnerabilities. Plus, we’re still using a lot of those temporary security measures that got implemented at the outset of lockdown orders. Well, with an intensifying threat landscape marked by regular data breaches and ransomware attacks now is the time to clean up all that ‘bubblegum and duct tape’.

As we rethink our approach to the workplace and workforce security, it is imperative to embrace a Zero Trust framework. Assume the network is hostile with external and internal threats in existence at all times. Network locality is not sufficient for trust and every device, user and network flow needs to be authenticated and authorized with the concept of least privileged access.

Zero Trust also highlights the importance of intelligent identity – user or machine – as the foundation for modern IT security. From malware detection to behavioral biometrics and analytics to device and network profiling, intelligent identities provide the contextual awareness needed to determine if access should be granted, blocked or challenged.

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