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CLM - Load Laminator Overlay Material


Load the overlay material ribbon in one laminator cartridge at a time.

How-to Video


User-added image The L1 (green) and L2 (orange) cartridges fit only in their assigned locations inside the laminator. They are not interchangeable.
  1. Unlock and open the laminator access door.
  2. Remove the L1 (green) laminator cartridge from the printer. Place the cartridge on a smooth level surface for loading.

User-added image

  1. Push the release latch (a) and open the gate on the laminator cartridge (b).

User-added image

  1. Remove both used spools from the cartridge.
  2. Load the new roll of laminator overlay material.
    1. Put the blue supply spool on the blue supply spindle of the cartridge (c). The overlay supply roll can go on only  one way and only fits on the correct spindle.
    2. Put the empty silver take-up spool on the silver take-up spindle (d).
    3. Turn the take-up spool clockwise to remove slack from the material (e). The overlay material loads in an S-shape.
    4. Make sure that the overlay material is between the guides on both the take-up and supply sides of the cartridge.

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  1. Close the laminator cartridge gate (f). Push it in until the latch clicks in place (g). Make sure that the overlay material is not pinched by the cartridge gate.

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  1. Replace the loaded laminator cartridge in the printer.
  2. Remove the L2 (orange) cartridge, if installed, from the laminator.
  3. Repeat steps 3 through 7 to load the overlay onto the L2 cartridge.
  4. Close and lock the laminator access door.