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Digital Government Begins With Secure Digital Identity

The world is digitalizing. And for any government, embracing digital identity is key to increasing adoption of digital government services.

Entrust Citizen Identity Orchestration provides a comprehensive solution to enable digital government, including:

  • Remote onboarding with AI-powered identity verification
  • Digital identity issuance and management
  • Seamless service delivery

Accelerate your digital transformation and deliver superior digital experiences to your citizens and businesses.

Secure and Frictionless Digital Interactions: Enabled by End-to-End Trust

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Streamline the capture of identity documents, biographic data, and biometrics using a smart device. Establish the unique and trusted identity of the individual using our AI-powered identity verification.


Issue trusted physical (ePassports) or digital identity credentials based on a core trusted identity and industry standards. Ensure secure custody and management of identity credentials.

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Man using a phone


Streamline digital service access and secure digital transactions with robust multi-factor authentication. Offer digital signing, validation, and timestamping functionalities. Implement digital self-service portals for citizens.

Key Features

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Secure and streamlined remote citizen digital onboarding with high assurance AI/ML-powered identity verification.

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Issue digital and/or physical user credentials (e.g., ePassport) underpinned by a unique trusted identity and workflow. Digital-wallet ready.

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Digital Identity

A single app or login for identity federation, including identity credentials, certificates, and attributes management.

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Robust authentication mechanisms for citizens based on knowledge, possession, and/or biometric factors.

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Cryptographic key storage following international standards to secure user keys in centralized environments and personal devices.

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Deliver digital signatures, validation, and timestamping functionalities over a smart device.

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Citizen Portal

Empower citizens with user self-management and self-service functionalities.

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Admin Portals

A web portal for governments to provision and manage services; an analytics portal for business intelligence.

A Typical Citizen Journey From Onboarding to Accessing Services

Citizen Journey

Our Solution Building Blocks

Our digital-first solution architecture is built on the framework of “composability” with microservices. This modular and flexible platform allows you to choose different components based on your specific requirements, simplifying integration with existing components and population-scale deployment.

Building Bocks

The Entrust Difference: Driving You to Digital Excellence

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Total Experience

A digital-first, user-centric approach for onboarding, identity lifecycle management, and secure transactions over multiple touchpoints for accessibility of digital government services.

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Continuous Trust Verification

Our solution embeds trust in each digital interaction, mitigating fraud and protecting the integrity of digital interactions with AI-powered identity verification.

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Composability streamlines complex government-to-citizen (G2C) workflows for maximum agility, interoperability, and scalability of government digital transformation initiatives.

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Government digitalization programs comply with the international standards of privacy and security such as GDPR, NIST, and eIDAS.

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Actionable Insights

Business intelligence dashboards help you demonstrate success of your digital initiatives and optimize processes.

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Single Sourcing

Our global footprint makes it easy to have a unified source for all your identity orchestration and service delivery needs.

The Numbers

of citizens cite long wait times as a key pain point when interacting with government.

of citizens say that government service delivery has improved post-pandemic.1

of citizens say their preferred method of interacting with the government is in-person.1

Government Service Delivery: Citizen Perceptions and Expectations, Entrust, 2023

Unlock the Benefits of Digital Transformation

Entrust works as a trusted partner with governments for effective digital identity orchestration. Ensuring successful outcomes for citizens and industry has never been easier.

Benefits for Citizens

Digital self-service web or mobile channels provide citizens with convenient 24/7 access to government services while eliminating the need for physical visits.

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Online case management promotes transparency, accountability, and personalization to ensure citizens have easy access to the information they need.

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With the proliferation of cell phones, mobile-first service channels make it easier for remote and underserved populations to access essential government services like healthcare, welfare payments, certifications, and licenses.

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Benefits for Governments

Streamlined and transparent digital government fosters greater civic engagement and trust, and can even positively impact FDI inflows to the country.1

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Reduced paperwork, automated routine tasks, and faster processing times improve cost efficiencies and help your workforce focus on complex tasks.

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Native cryptographic support helps ensure security and privacy of citizen credentials and compliance with the NIST standards and GDPR and eIDAS regulations.

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Benefits for Businesses

Faster turnaround times and transparent interactions with governments help ensure regulatory compliance and reduce administrative expenses.

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Businesses can leverage government-issued digital IDs to streamline their own onboarding processes, such as KYC checks and age and background checks.

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Ensure better outcomes for critical use cases and prevent fraud by applying appropriate assurance levels to identity verification.

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Entrust Powers Government-to-Citizen Interactions

  • Proven global track record supporting government trust infrastructure, authentication services, and citizen high assurance credentials
  • Successfully delivered 400+ government identity projects across 100+ countries
  • 50+ years of secure identity document issuance and 25+ years securing the infrastructure for identity transactions
  • 195+ countries around the world use our solutions to verify their citizen identities