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CE870 with Embossing Module Product Image


The CE870H automatic medical examination ticket issuing system is the only medical examination ticket issuing printer that enables color printing in addition to the conventional embossing, encoding, and monochrome printing.


Host System Cooperation

Equipped with a function that controls cooperation with major medical accounting systems as standard, and can issue medical examination tickets online.

Encoding Function

Supports JIS type Hi-Co and Lo-Co encoding, and can be magnetically encoded on the front and back of the card depending on the settings.

Print Performance

Supports double-sided printing, and prints graphic data such as text, logos, and barcodes on the front and back of the medical examination ticket directly on the medical examination ticket at high density. It also supports color printing, and you can also print a face photo or a medical examination ticket design.


Designed to reduce the daily maintenance burden. The lightweight design compared to conventional embossers has realized high installability and maintainability.


A topper ribbon that beautifully finishes embossed characters, various monochrome ribbons that expand the range of design of medical examination tickets, and color ribbons that support full-color printing such as facial photographs.


Smart card (IC chip) writing: Contact type/non-contact type is available. Please contact us.


Datacard CE870H Card Printer


Number of Embossed Type

  • Standard: 68 type (maximum: 150 type)
  • Standard configuration: 7B [0-9] OCR B4 [-. / ()] Katakana [A-n, ", ゜, wo] BB Alpha [FMTSH]
  • Optional: An embossed type wheel that can carry up to 75 type can be added. Please contact us for the composition of optional type.

Print Method

  • Color: Sublimation type thermal transfer
  • Monochrome: Melting type thermal transfer

Input Hopper (allowable number of sheets)

  • 100

Interrupt Slot

  • Yes

Output Hopper (allowable number of sheets)

  • 10

Reject Stacker (allowable number of sheets)

  • 10


  • 10/100 Base-T / TX Ethernet


  • AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • 2 systems


  • NW7, CODE39, CODE128, UCC / EAN-128, QR

Magnetic Encoding

  • JIS: Hi-Co, Lo-Co

IC Encoding

  • Optional


Body Dimensions (WxDxH: mm)

  • 380 x 720 x 490

Body Weight (kg)

  • 23


Operating Temperature (℃)

  • 15-35

Operating Humidity (% RH)

  • 20%-80% (no condensation)


Conformity Standards, etc. (safety/environment)

  • UL, VCCI, RoHS directive compliant, PSE mark (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

Standard Warranty

  • Maintenance contract


Standard or Brand

  • Compliant with JIS-X6301 ID-1 card

Card Size (WxH: mm)

  • 85.6 x 53.98

Card Thickness (mm: ± 10%)

  • 0.76

*The option is not installed.

**We recommend testing with the card you are using. Please contact us for more information.

CE870H Data Sheet