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Certificate Services Support

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When internal corporate users connect to a private domain using Google Chrome/Chromium-based applications, the browser/application will display a warning that the connection is "untrusted" or "not private" even though the connection is secure, the domain is internally valid and is trusted within the corporate IT environment.

The error displays:

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Your connection is not private

The specific message may vary, however, Chrome/Chromium-based application will indicate "untrusted" or "not private" and will reference Certificate Transparency as the cause.


There are two potential causes for this error:

1. You did not log your SSL/TLS certificates with Certificate Transparency in order to keep that information private.
2. You have only logged the root domain on the SSL/TLS certificate with Certificate Transparency.



If you are required to maintain privacy on a domain or subdomain that is protected by an SSL/TLS certificate, and thus do not want to log Certificate Transparency for that domain, apply a Certificate Transparency exemption policy to corporate-managed devices with Chrome/Chromium-based applications in order to eliminate the "untrusted" or "not private" warnings that would otherwise appear for those domains.

This specific policy is called CertificateTransparencyEnforcementDisabledForURLs

In order to apply the policy. you may refer to the Policy Templates provided by Google:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Entrust Certificate Services Support department for further assistance: 

Hours of Operation:
Sunday 8:00 PM ET to Friday 8:00 PM ET 
North America (toll free): 1-866-267-9297 
Outside North America: 1-613-270-2680 (or see the list below) 
NOTE: It is very important that international callers dial the UITF format exactly as indicated. Do not dial an extra "1" before the "800" or your call will not be accepted as an UITF toll free call.


Australia0011 - 800-3687-7863
Austria00 - 800-3687-7863
Belgium00 - 800-3687-7863
Denmark00 - 800-3687-7863
Finland990 - 800-3687-7863 (Telecom Finland)
00 - 800-3687-7863 (Finnet)
France00 - 800-3687-7863
Germany00 - 800-3687-7863
Hong Kong001 - 800-3687-7863 (Voice)
002 - 800-3687-7863 (Fax)
Ireland00 - 800-3687-7863
Israel014 - 800-3687-7863
Italy00 - 800-3687-7863
Japan001 - 800-3687-7863 (KDD)
004 - 800-3687-7863 (ITJ)
0061 - 800-3687-7863 (IDC)
Korea001 - 800-3687-7863 (Korea Telecom)
002 - 800-3687-7863 (Dacom)
Malaysia00 - 800-3687-7863
Netherlands00 - 800-3687-7863
New Zealand00 - 800-3687-7863
Norway00 - 800-3687-7863
Singapore001 - 800-3687-7863
Spain00 - 800-3687-7863
Sweden00 - 800-3687-7863 (Telia)
00 - 800-3687-7863 (Tele2)
Switzerland00 - 800-3687-7863
Taiwan00 - 800-3687-7863
United Kingdom00 - 800-3687-7863
0800 121 6078
+44 (0) 118 953 3088


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