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How is the Server Certificate installed on Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway?


** Note these steps are based on Citrix NetScaler version 10.5


To install the Server certificates, you must first download your Entrust server certificate file (default file name: Entrustcert.crt) from your certificate pick up link. To install the server certificate, complete the following steps:

STEP 1 – Installing certificates

  1. Click on Configuration tab > Traffic Management > SSL > SSL Certificates
  2. Click on Install button

  1. In the Install Certificate Window, Supply the following information:

- A Certificate-Key Pair Name.

- The Certificate File Name. Browse to the location of your Server Certificate file.

- The Private Key File Name. Browse to the location of the private key file that was used to create the certificate signing request.

- Select PEM for the Certificate Format.

  1. Click Install button
  2. Your Entrust server certificate will be appeared on the SSL Certificates list. NOTE: To continue the step 6 and 7 below, make sure that you have already installed the Roo t and Chain certificates. If not, please refer to our documentation for root and chain certificates installation on this appliance.
  3. Select your Entrust server certificate on the list and then click on Action then select Link.

  1. The CA Certificate Name box will be automatically populated with your profile name that associated with Entrust Chain Certificates. Example: Entrust Chain Certificate. Click Ok . If the CA Certificate Name field is empty, you need to go back to the step on how to install the chain certificates properly.

  1. At this point your server certificate is ready for binding.


  1. Click on Configuration > NetScaler Gateway > Virtual Servers .

  1. Select your virtual server where do you need to bind with the SSL certificate. Click Edit button.

  1. Under Certificates section, click the right arrow on Server Certificate to open Server Certificate Binding window.

  1. Click on right arrow button to select server certificate.

  1. Select the certificate that you need to bind from the list and then click OK

  1. The selected server certificate will be populated on Select Server Certificate field. Click Bind button to continue.

  1. Certificate binding process is now complete.