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Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting - Behavior Tab r2

1) ActivityLogExternalEnabledEnables logging to a different computer. Requires separate 3rd party software to monitor the port and log output from printer.
2) ActivityLogInternalEnabledCan be turned off for security but if done we cannot help with much of anything beyond basic troubleshooting.
3) AutoPPSEnabledEnable or disable the automatic PPS negotiation done by the Duali reader to communicate with the chip at higher baud rates.
4) CloudEnableDisabledEnable or disable printer cloud service support. To allow cloud operation, select Enabled and enter a value in Communication/CloudInitialEnrollURI.
5) ContactAutoDetectDisabledSets the Duali reader to automatically detect the correct communication protocol with a contact smartcard (T0 or T1).
6) ContactlessATRModeLegacySelect the default ATR mode for the contactless smart card reader, or select AppSpecifies to allow a smart card application to control the mode.
7) CPXEnabledEnables CPX (#DCC# commands) for compatibility with Legacy Products.
8) DataStorageSecureDisabledEncrypts the entire SD Card. Takes time to do and must be reversed (which also takes time) to revert to earlier versions.
9) DoorCloseLockTimeout5Number of seconds after all doors are closed before the printer is locked.
10) DPCLEnabledPort 9100
11) DPCL2EnabledPort 9100
12) DPCL2SecureEnabledPort 9111
13) DPCLSecureEnabledPort 9111
14) DPMEnabledPort 19100
15) DPMSecureEnabledPort 19111
16) PluginEnabledOpen Card Enabled. Asterisk must be showing on front display to be in Open Card Mode.
17) RedefaultTrailTrimDoneFalseUsed to track defaulting of trail trim when upgrading to firmware that supports new ribbons.
18) RejectCardLocationAutomaticWhere to send reject cards on non-secure printers.
19) RemakeEnabledAutocreated setting to control option Remake
20) RetrieveDataTimeout120Number of seconds to wait before timing out a RetrieveData request.
21) RibbonInitializeEnabledEnable or disable initialization of the ribbon at power on.
22) SmartcardDefaultShareModeDirectDirect is best in most situations
23) SmartcardForceProtocolDisabledSet to T0 for Multos cards.
24) SmartcardPostConnectDelay400 
25) SmartcardSwitchModeDelay3000 
26) SNMPEnabledAutocreated setting to control option SNMP
27) UnlockTimeout30Number of seconds to hold the locking mechanism in the unlocked position before returning to the locked position.
28) WebServerSecureEnabledDisable for security issues, If this is disabled, you must contact SDO/TPS to get the script to reverse this setting. It will only "fix" one printer IP address at a time.
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