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Entrust Elevates Payment and ID Card Engraving with Next Generation Laser Modules




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Four new laser modules for Datacard® MX Series Card Issuance Systems deliver higher quality card engraving for greater security and personalization in the financial payment card and government ID markets

MINNEAPOLIS — March 25, 2021Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, today announced the next generation of laser modules for its Datacard® MX Series Card Issuance Systems. These new laser modules enable customers in both the financial payment card and government ID card sectors to stay ahead of industry laser engraving trends.

“The demand for laser technology is growing significantly in both the financial and government card markets as a result of increased requirements for greater security and personalization,” said Dan Good, vice president, payment and identity issuance solutions at Entrust. “The engineering team at Entrust has leveraged more than 20 years of research and development in laser technology to help our customers meet these ever-growing needs, providing more precise image quality and fine line detailing.”

Addressing growing personalization technology needs in the financial market

The financial card market continues to see growth in flat and metal cards, which is driving the adoption of more card personalization technologies such as drop on demand, durable graphics and laser engraving. The new Laser 450F and Laser 425F Modules from Entrust are designed to optimize financial card personalization with the use of state-of-the-art fiber optic laser engraving technology to provide exceptional quality tonal card imagery at higher speeds. These modules have a simplified user interface enabling a quick card setup to meet the needs of a variety of customer card layouts. The 450F and 425F Modules are capable of engraving on PVC, metal cards and other materials in vibrant alphanumeric text, bar codes, and static bitmap images at greater than 400 dpi resolution. They are configurable with the Datacard MX9100™, MX8100™, MX6100™, MX2100™ and MX1100™ Card Issuance Systems.

Enabling government ID programs that meet more stringent security needs

As criminals become more sophisticated in counterfeiting and tampering with ID cards, laser technology is playing a key role in meeting more stringent security and image quality requirements. Lasers are critical elements of any ID card security strategy due to their unique capabilities and precision. The new Laser 450G and Laser 430G Modules from Entrust are designed specifically for government applications and introduce a new technology, Precision Control Architecture, which enables unsurpassed image clarity, contrast and crisp edges, improving tonal quality and image definition. Able to produce the highest quality photo images, the modules also support alphanumeric text, bar codes and a wide range of advanced security features. These modules meet many throughput and card security standards set by government agencies around the world, and integrate seamlessly with existing Datacard MX9100™, MX8100™, MX6100™, MX2100™ and MX1100™ Card Issuance Systems.

Additional features of these four laser modules include:

  • Single Windows OS based controller. One controller with an integration between controller software and all laser modules in the system. This allows for ease of set up and control.
  • Optimal engraving placement. One module can engrave the entire card (front to back), which allows for the ability to build capacity as business needs change.
  • Scalable laser solution. Organizations have the ability to integrate multiple modules with the Datacard MX Series Card Issuance System to meet higher throughput demands.
  • Vision registration camera. The vision registration camera feature allows precise alignment between engraving and pre-printed elements on the card.
  • Air-cooled fiber laser. The air-cooled fiber laser provides powerful technology within a compact module and does not require external power or a cooling unit.
  • Optional 5-year extended warranty. Customers who purchase these laser modules are eligible to buy a 5-year extended warranty for the laser assembly.

For more information about the new laser modules developed for integration with the Datacard MX Series Card Issuance System, visit our website at

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